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Don't Be Mislead By Kohl's Shipping Bags

Posted in: Madison Park

I received two packages from Kohls this week.   The packages state they are 100% recyclable as a number 4.  That is incorrect and these packages like any other bag or plastic are no more than trash in your recline cans.  They contaminate the recycling stream and as I have mentioned prior add to the tax payer fee to the tune of around 2 million a year extra.    We pay for the trash you and your neighbors wrongly place in your recycling carts.   1.6 Million is the cost to haul the trash from the recycling center to the Speedway Landfill for dumping.  The rest is in injuries and break downs to the recycling center equipment.   


Recycling actually is costing on about every item that goes in the can.   We recycle because in most cases it is good for the environment.  The county is not making money off the recycling program.  Years ago we did on some items,  but not any longer.    So don't make the cost even worse by not recycling right.  


You can recycle some plastic bags at like grocery stores.  None though should EVER go in your reycling cart.   


Remember only plastics with necks are recycled in Mecklenburg, NC.   Glass, Cans, cardboard, paper, and mail inserts (paper).   No shredded paper and never any plastic bags.


Remember if you bag anything in your green cart it is not emptied and goes directly to the Speedway Landfill.   If you are going to bag recycling items safe us all some money and just put the bags in your trash can!  


If Kohl's had shipped in cardboard then they would be allowable in the recycling cart.   Plastic wrap soft shipping materials are not allowed in our stream. 



Welcome to Mecklenburg Solid Waste (mecknc.gov)


Go to Wipeoutwaste.com on the Mecklenburg County Website for the do's and don'ts. 


You will also find full service recycling centers for some materials not allowed in your carts or at self service recycling centers.


Park Road Park is going to be manned going forward due to illegal dumping.  That is another large cost to the County Solid Waste.   That will be more money added in the fees we pay each year.   All because people can't follow the rules!  


Self Service Recyling centers take only what you can put in your Mecklenburg County Recycling cans. 



  • No Plastic Bags, No Plastic Wrap, or Plastic Film please resist the urge...  (take to stores such as Harris Teeter or Walmart)
  • Do not put your recycled items in a plastic bag, we simply cannot recycle the bagged items.  
  • No Ceramics or glassware such as Pyrex, flower vases, picture frames etc. -  (if in good condition, donate. if broken, trash can)
  • No Pots & Pans
  • No Glassware (same as ceramics)
  • No Paper Plates, Diapers, Cat Litter, Aluminum Cooking Pans, Napkins (trash can)
  • Do not put Batteries in a recycling cart (take to a full service recycling center)
  • No Light Bulbs (fluorescents and CFL go to Full Service Recycling Center. All other go to trash can.)
  • No Wire or Plastic Hangers (back to the cleaners or donate to a recycling clothing store, such as Goodwill)
  • No Clamshells or Styrofoam products  (trash can)
  • No Plastic Food Trays or Paper/Styrofoam/Plastic Cups (trash can)
  • No Shredded paper (trash can) - The shredded paper falls through the screening equipment and contaminates the glass we collect - some stores may accept shredded paper
  • No Hardback books.   Even if you remove the hard cover, the spine of the book does not allow the separation equipment to accommodate the paper.  
  • Our Compost Central location at 140 Valleydale Drive has a specific bins where we collect books for recycling. 

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