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I moved to Madison Park in 10/96. My family consist of me and my 4 dogs. Sophie Elaine (German Shepherd) is the newest member of of my family. I rescued her in TN. I have a set of TWINS (Dobermen mixes 2 years old)named Thunder and Lightning.  Cody was my first dog at my home in Madison Park a Cocker Spaniel.   I purchased my home in 10/96.  We walk about  2 miles every day. IT is a great way to meet your neighbors, and at a minimum keep up on whats going on around your home! I personally enjoy all my neighbors, however my dogs have their favorites. Along our route the dogs always peer ahead hoping to see certain neighbors such as Virgina Cook on Seacroft or Susie Chan on Tyvola where they know they are likely to get a treat or at a minimum a pat on the head!

Became Secretary of Madison Par k

I became Secretary of Madison Park in 2002 for 2 years and 1/2 when the current Secretary resigned due to conflicts with time. Its been fun to watch our HOA grow over the last couple of years.

Becoming President

I was elected President of Madison Park Homeowner's in 2005. It was a fun year. In 2006 I was asked to remain as President. I decided to accept as all of my officers. We had changes with Directors.....a couple moved, and one maxed his term limit without a break.

I enjoy working on issues for our Neighborhood and helping to get problems corrected. The appearance of the Neighborhood can effect our property values. I intend to keep our standards as high as possible by addressing issues and helping residents that have issues get them addressed.

In 2009 I decided to not run again as President. I will continue to be involved in our community as a director.

In 2010 I was asked to return as President.  I agreed and will serve at least one more year. I ended up serving 3 more years.   On 12/31/13 I ended my services at our President in Madison Park.


I will remain on or board as one of our directors.   I lost my buddy Thunder on 12/27/13 to a large tumor on his spine..  The Chan's have moved out of Madison Park, and Mrs. Cook passed away this year.  

All my 4 legged buddies have gone to doggie heaven.  I did without for almost 2 years.    I currently have Starla Oakley and Gracie May.   For less than a year they had a senior brother Spunkie Wayne.  Unfortunately he passed away with kidney failure in 11/19.    They are  Jack Russells, but in my case I call them Jackie Russels since they are little girls.   


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