Mansion Farm

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Mansion Farm

Mansion Farm is an R.C. Peoples-built Deed Restricted community, established in 1998. The neighborhood contains three Phases totaling 413 homes of different types and styles including single homes, townhomes and twins.


Mansion Farm boasts large common areas which include ponds and playgrounds. The community is located near Lums Pond State Park.


Roundabout on Howell School Road

Someone below started a question about the tearing up of the roundabout, but then the discussion turned into trees.   The now old roundabout still seemed rather new, and then it got all torn up... more
Started: July 26th, 09:58 PMReplies: 1

Trees on Robert Peoples Blvd

A word of caution, the Bradford Pears Trees on Mansion Farms side of road island look as some of the branches could break.  I would keep to the right on the road.  These are beauitful trees... more
Started: August 18th 2018Replies: 6

People's blvd

That is just silly that the pear trees have a life span of maybe 20 yrs. We have one in the back that is 20 & it's very healthy & huge. Our neighbor has one in the front of his yard that is 21... more
Started: July 2nd, 07:57 AMReplies: 3
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