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Our pool was permitted to open on May 2, 2011. The permit did not exclude night time swimming. Our board has decided not to operate in the evening and instead close at dusk.

As of today our pool is still not open. I emailed our management company and this is the response I received.


The Board noted that only a few people were using the pool in May. Based on this information and the opportunity to save on the cost of opening in early May the Board chose to open the pool at the end of the month.


Jerry M Barnes



As a homeowner for the last 6yrs I can assure you that this is not the case.

We live in a coastal community and our pool should be open from April-October.

It should also be open in the evening to accomodate those families and people that

do not get home until 7-8pm and would like to use their pool.

I was advised that we should email Jerry with a request to open our pools so he has

"documentation" to  present our board with.

Please email Jerry Barnes today at

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I agree with homeowner complaints about the pool.  I agree that the pool is a major issue with this community.  I think you should fill it up if we keep having issues.  The board members only care about gossip and helping themselves.  These people have never amounted to anything and want to seem like they have a little bit of power by being a Board Member.  Also, if you are at the pool, mind your own business!   You do not own the pool and don't need to ask (Do you live here?) If i didn't have a pool did I get in then, really!  If FRED keeps tampering with HOA Community property, he should be prosecuted.  We will inform everyone to contact the state and report him for this violation since the HOA Management has not.  If it was a teenager or someone outside of this community, they would have already been prosecuted!  Let's focus on keeping our yards up, slowing down to prevent hitting a child in the street riding their bikes or playing and minding your own buisness.  We also need to get a quote on landscaping (to save money) since this is our only other expense.  Also, the HOA management needs to ride through here 2x a month to see for themselves what is going one instead of waiting for homeowners to complain. 

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