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The only thing this neighborhood has is a pool. And the pool is a piece of shit.

Furthermore you show your inteligence with posting like this, your ineptitude of a working vocabulary sux, and if you go by the name kirkwood sux, theres the door dont let it slam ya where the sun don't shine, don't like it here so bad, say it sux, move out.

have a nice day

The pool needs to open already.  If anyone on the board reads this please advise when the pool is going to open.  Permit in place already and repairs have been made.  It's getting hot and the kids are asking when it will open.  Also, it would be nice if the board would re-visit the idea of night time swimming.  Not sure if the lights are operational or not, but it would be nice to swim at least till 9pm like last year.  I am sure there are more residents that enjoyed the night swimming.  Thank you. 

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Our pool was permitted to open on May 2nd and the permit did not exclude night time swimming. Our board has made that decision on behalf of our community!

email Jerry Barnes today at to open our pool today!

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