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Insulated you Attic?

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Neighbors of Towne Lake:


Has anyone added blown or blanket insulation to their Towne Lake home?

How about  spray on insulation or attic energy barriers?

Was have you done to effectivly in lower your utility bill?

If you don't mind what company did you use?


I am concerned with the heat in the summer and it's loss during the winter. My upstairs bedrooms are particularly affected because if I want to keep those rooms cool.

I must keep the thermostat at 75 or cooler. 

As you can imagine my utility bills have been outrageous!


I planned on just blowing insulation up in the attic, so when I started looking for a company Home Depot was offering to do just that:   However, it seems they contract a company to do this for them.   The salesperson was nice enough but let it slip out that their company was interested in spraying on insulation (1600) and then the blow on insulation for free... "well" I asked, "How much for just the blow on insulation?"  "1100" was the reply.   Ok...I'm paying for labor and the materials is neglible.....


I later checked with another company (touted by ch.4) and they said with thier radiant barrier I wouldn't have to add insulation,(but if I wanted to it's extra) and they would tack up some foil and make the attic look like a tv two estimates from that company (guess they don't keep track) both are around 3300.


Neighbors, share your feedback, or your story about this.   I going to do something, at the very least. Home D and Lowe's will let you use the blower  for free, if I'm going to do my own insulation blowing...(really hate fiber glass)....


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*The CPS rebate only applies to the blown insulation not radiant shields or spray ons

On the rebate site of CPS they mention spray on and radiant rebates...

I did install blown insulation and the results have been almost immediate.  The house holds it's temperature longer and I've noticed the a/c and heater do not cycle on as often as it used to.


I'm waiting on my utility bill to see the difference from last month and last year this time...


Our average utility bill now has been about 15% less with one month a whopping 25% less...



January's bill was actually out of site surpassing 200 dollars.  Even without insulation we have never had a bill at this time of the year be that expensive....

February's bill was a better.  

Believe it or not 60. dollars....


Ok something was going on at CPSB with their billing .... I guess I am going to have see if March's bill will show improvement without the monkey business of billing miscalculations.....

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