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Stray Cats/kitties....Come on people!

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For those folks who think they're doing a cat a favor by leaving their garage door cracked for their furry "friends"...... 


1) If they were REALLY your friends, you would invite them into your home and make them a part of the family. 


2) You're breeding stray cats that have no place to go...... but under my deck, and in your cold garage, because the door is always cracked!


3) Watching cats and kitties peck for food is just sad....cold, cold weather will kill a cat.  Don't think they're indestructible!


4)  Please call the Franklin County Humane Society or delivery your "friend" to them, Capital Area Humane Society, Cozy Cat Cottage, or many other available sources in our community.   Allow your "friend" to have a chance at a happy life....without tire tracks on their bodies, or being someones target practice!


I have adopted one of these strays, but no more.  If any cats come to me for food or protection,  they will go to the shelter.  Please use your human heads and don't breed stray cats, take care of our own...SPAY AND NEUTER!!!!!  We're smarter than animals for a REASON!!!! 

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