Suspicous people

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Coming home tonight I saw 2 people running between homes and then again across the street. The police were called and are supposed to patrol our area. Keep an eye out... and call the police if you see something that makes you nervous.
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A Little More Info Please

Could we get a little more info please, was it dark, were the people trying to run so as not to be detected, were they carrying anything, white, black, hispanic, two men, two women. I ask because a couple of the young boys on Sycamore have now become young men and put some height on their frames and may have been playing in the area. But by all means call the police if you are uneasy with any situation, neighbors or not.
here goes

It was dark, after 9pm. 2 teenagers (I assume), both black. And I know the people in the homes that they were at, and they definately didn't belong there. Thanks for asking, but in reality me telling you the details doesn't matter. The fact is the 2 people seen were where they didn't need to be.
Lets Not Get Testy

Sorry to ''p'' you off but more information is always needed. I saw two guys walking down the street doesn't exactly do it for me and I'm sure wouldn't do it for the police. Be reasonable, the more info the better. Now I know your explanation was more thourough than that but think about it, no more information about the situation, what can be done? Just be on the look out?

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