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I am a bit disgusted at the lack of responsiveness of the Hunters Chase 2 Board and/or procomm recently.  I use the basketball court regularly, and have for the last 11 years.  It is one of the main reasons I purchased my home in this neighborhood. 


Several months ago, the lights at the basketball court were fixed to work on a timer.  They automatically came on at 8:00 pm and automatically went off at 9:00 pm, which is the closing time of the comon area.  This worked great during the summer, when it got dark at eight o'clock.  However, the days have become shorter and it started getting dark at 7. Since I knew that the daylight savings time change was coming up, I waited until the week before to call Procomm to have the timer on the lights changed.  I contacted them on Wednesday afternoon, thinking that surely 4 days would be enough time to make this minor change to the timer. 


I tried to follow the instructions on this website, and email procomm and copy the board.  However, it appears that the email address on this site is no longer valid.  Juanita at Procomm responded to my email and told me she would forward my request to change the timer on the lights to the HC2 board.  It is now dark at 6 o'clock, and because of the time change the lights come on at 9:00 pm and stay on until 10:00pm (totally worthless).  I requested that the lights come on at 6:00 pm and go off at 9:00 pm (I would even be okay with going off at 8:00 pm.)


When I went to the courts on this Monday evening, I noticed that the lights had not been changed, so I called and left a message for Juanita at Procomm.  Her assistant called me back on Tuesday and told me that they had forwarded the messge to the board, but no one had responded.  She then told me that they were requesting that the pool maintenance man change the timer that afternoon.


Well, I went to the courts again tonight (Wednesday evening) and again the lights had not been adjusted.  I again  left a voicemail message at Procomm.  I would have thought that a full week would have been enough time for someone to make a five minute side trip to make this adjustment, especially since it did not come as a suprise that the time was going to change or the days were going to get shorter (this happens every year).


At the board meeting I attended a few months back there were several people who complained about persons using the common area after the closing time. Having the lights come on after the park closes is not a great way to discourage people from using the facility after closing time.


Either Procomm is not forwarding messages or the members of the board are not being responsive. 


I have not seen anything positive come out our Homeowners Association.  The neighborhood is detiorating, crimes against my property (and others in this neighborhood) have been too numerous to even mention, covenants are not enforced, etc.. Yet, every January the maintenance association sends me a bill for $200.  The only thing I request from the association is that the basketball courts be kept in a semi-usable shape.  I replace the nets on the backboards myself.  I regularly pick up trash and sweep the rocks and sand off the court.  All I want is to not show up at the courts to a padlocked gate, and to maintain the lights.   


Over the years I have fought with board members who make generalizations based on preconceieved notions and present them as fact regarding the basketball court and the people that utilize the common area. They tell me that the people that use the courts don't live in the neighborhood, are hoodlums, etc.  (It is kind of insukting since I use the courts regularly, live in the neighborhood, pay my dues on time and take pride in my property and the property of the association.)


Every once in a while I even show up to see the courts padlocked; locked and restricted from use without discussion and input from the people that live in this neighborhood and OWN this facility.  It is infuriating that these same people who can find the time to padlock the courts cannot find the time to make the facility useful by adjusting the lights (especially since they are the only one with the combination to the lock on the lights).


I also dislike people that complain, but don't step up and take action to fix the problem.  If any of the illustrious board members (or anybody else who has the combination to the lock on the light switch) reads this, please email me.  I will then respond with my phone number so that we can talk.


My email address is


I am willing to not only take responsibility for adjusting the light timer to make sure that it comes on and turns off at an appropriate time, but I will CONTINUE to take financial and logistical responsibility for replacing the basketball nets when they become worn, picking up trash, sweeping the rocks and sand off the court, keeping the peace and protecting our investment when I am there, etc.  I value this asset to our community, as do many other people who live in the neighborhood and utilize the facility.  (There were 18 people at the common area this late afternoon, playing football in the sand and basketball at the courts.)  I will do my part to make sure it is protected and maintained.  However, I need the support of the people who are paid to do this (procomm) and have volunteered to take this responsibility (by running for election to an unpaid postion of responsibility - board member) to also do their part and be responsive.


Thank You - Josh King


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