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Our neighborhood is now peaceful, and quiet but it wasn't always that way. South Presa street was once the main highway between San Antonio and Corpus Cristi. As a result it was a rip-roaring thoroughfare until the freeway went in.

On the Corner of Presa and Hermitage Court, there was an exclusive girl's finishing school. That beautiful, Spanish architectural-styled building now hosts weddings and special occasions.

Most of the houses were built as a result of the soldiers' need for homes, upon their return after World War II. Touring the back streets one can see excellent examples modeled after Frank Loyd Wright creations. However, in most towns you won't see them in the same condition as when they were first built, like ours are here.

A Second Boom

This was referred to as "the edge of town" and for over fifty years not much changed. One TV station referred to our side of town as "San Antonio's best-kept secret". Builders would build everywhere else but around here. As a result we never had to worry about traffic jams.

Then all of a sudden this year apartment houses sprang up left and right. We now have a new mall, and other businesses have completely rebuilt.

Although they haven't started to rent them yet we hope that this will remain a friendly polite place to live. Without knowing, you could still tell that you are here by the way people drive. They will always let you in. If you forgot and locked your keys in your car, they will stop and ask if they can help.


City Of San Antonio
Bexar County Taxpayer's Association


About our association


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Since our territory is small, it makes it easy to manage and communicate with other members. Even though we only started a few months ago, we are getting a tremendous response.

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