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From conversations with people living outside of the city limits of Detroit I hear they don?’t want to go into the city because of crime or racial bigotry and in the next breath they will tell you about how they are going to a Redwing?’s game or a Lion?’s game or a Tiger?’s game with tickets that cost them over 100 dollars apiece. They think nothing of traveling down to the casinos and wasting their money gambling - some dropping an entire week?’s paycheck in the pursuit of ?‘fun?’.
They aren?’t scared to go into the big, bad city then - at night.
Meanwhile for the change in your pocket - 4 dollars (2 dollars for children) that same high roller could take the family to see the United States?’ oldest free standing aquarium and the largest variety of the world?’s freshwater fish on display in over 250 miles in any direction from Detroit.
I challenge you to join in the fight to save the aquarium or at least visit it before it closes and a part of history is destroyed. After 104 years of continuous operation it deserves attention.
Come see with your eyes and touch with your hands one of those things that will be destroyed because of neglect and lack of foresight. Come and see what will be destroyed and left to ruin. Come and see what once was and might have been a beacon of reason and knowledge for our children for generations.
I challenge you.

This aquarium is far to expensive to overhaul to bring it up to code. Where were all you ''save the aquaruim'' people for the past five years? Certainly not visiting the aquarium!!! If you had been, there would be reason not to close it.
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