Homeless are scaring residents away !

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There's been a huge problem mounting for 6 weeks now.  The homeless who frequent the Network Coffeehouse (at 1402 Pearl St.) are hanging out in the area neighboring areas - many times nearly all day (except when they go to get get free coffee or food at the Network or elsewhere).  I've stood there and watched them - this is where they're coming from.


This has become so bad it's frightened off residents who used to play with their dogs on the church's lawn at 14th and Washington St.  Now all we see there are the homeless and the residents no longer come - this is getting very, very bad.


We've also seen them at 13th and Washington St. as well.  This block is being overrun by these people. We can't go out like we used to, and if we do, we leave the area entirely!


Since I have not ventured beyond this immediate area, I cannot say whether or not they've ventured to other areas around the Network Coffeehouse - perhaps they have.  If they have, leave it here if you'd like to contribute this info.


Needless to say, besides the obvious problems homeless people are causing by "taking over everything" here, because of their lifestyle they carry parasites - fleas are widespread in their community, as one example.  The flea issue alone is why people with dogs no longer venture in this grassy area - if they did, besides other problems this would cause these residents, their pets would get infested with fleas which would then infest these peoples homes.  So, venture there and elsewhere they do not - neither do I.  I may not own a doggie anymore but I used to enjoy watching theirs playing - emphasize "used to enjoy". 


And don't even ask how many times in 6 weeks I've seen the homeless defecating and urinating on that grass and then laying in it (at 14th and Washington).  "Is it any wonder us residents are staying away from these areas now?", I say to myself.  It crosses my mind at this moment to wonder, "If not picking up your doggies poop can spread disease, what can be spread when the homeless do this over on that grassy area??".. I'm not sure I want the answer to that one.


"This is in a place where I live yet I cannot go out and enjoy myself?", I'm thinking.  This is too much and it needs to stop - now.


6 weeks of this is enough.   Together we can get this to stop. 


I've already started by calling the police any time I see these people hanging around for long periods of time.  Also I've called the Network (today) and insisted they alert everyone who goes there that we're not tolerating this 'taking over our neighborhood' anymore and will be calling the police on everyone we catch doing this.  I had to leave this as a voicemail since it was after hours however - I had figured they'd answer since they were in midst of serving the homeless coffee - guess I was wrong on that one, so the voicemail will do for the moment. 


I plan on doing more than this - I've had enough of living here but not being to freely go about wherever I choose to.  I miss that I can't sit over there at all anymore - I go elsewhere now and shouldn't have to!  I have to fear getting more fleas on me and in my apartment.... yes, I said "more fleas".  I've had flea bites how many times now?  This is ridiculous.


Anyway... I'm leaving this here as a call to action, for discussion, etc.


If you don't live on Washington, between 13th and 14th but have it where you are, leave that here please, so we can see just how far this problem has spread or if it has at all.


Almost forgot this :


If you are having this issue where you are or if you live on this block and wish to take part, please call the police whenever you see people hanging out.  Police number is :  720-913-2000.  Also, if you'd like the Network Coffeehouse's contact info, it is as follows :




St. James Urban Church

Network Coffeehouse

1402 Pearl St.

Denver, 80203

JOHN HICKS :  303-830-1508




Mailing address :

P.O. Box 18813

Denver, CO.  80218-1813




Anything else anyone would like to do to help stop this problem, feel free to do so and even post it here.  If, for one, would like to know of anything else I can do to help stop this problem.





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Public Nuisance Abatement Unit can be contacted to handle this matter. Be persistant and document every incident.  We are fortunate to live in a city that will respond when the quality of life in Denver is threatened. Best wishes.

You know, there is bad in ALL sectors of humanity.  I've been in economic purgatory because my wallet and ID were stolen and can't get a job because of regulations which demand that an employer get ID before hiring people.


While SOME homeless are as you described, not ALL homeless are like that.  A good percentage are people who, due to circumstance beyond their control are in economic purgatory while waiting documentation.


I don't think that people should charge through intersections while people who have the crosswalk light dodge them, maybe we should create a public outcry against transportation?

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I believe the anti transportation campaign would be ineffective  but I do agree that there is good and bad it all groups of people. I believe a better way to look at this issue is to ask what we can do to improve the block. picking up litter is always a good place to start. there's definitely no shortage. If you feel unsafe call the police. No one has the right to make you feel uncomfortable. I am still living in the same place and I have noticed things are a bit calmer on the corner. If and when that changes I'll be back to let you know.

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