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SAFTEY VIOLATIONS, FIRE CODE, BUILDING 280 Missing Entry Door Handle-Incompetenc

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SAFTEY VIOLATIONS, FIRE CODE, BUILDING 280 Missing Entry Door Handle-Incompetence by TMMC, Board of Directors and Maintance Personnel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!May 29th 2010


Stolen Entry Door Handle On building 280 for Over a Week Now????????????????


At what point will the Maintenance people replace the handle missing on the large double fire entry door on the east side of building 280?


There are 23 families living in this building and they cant get into the Building by using a Handle when they get there Mail.


The Handle has been missing for over a week as the residents have devised a large rock shoved into the door so they can open it. Other wise you must grab on to two little screws.


This is another prime example of how Rory Scott and Bill Mango do not perform there job and how they don't care about this complex.


This is an obvious safety and fire code issue that has not been given any attention because the maintenance crew of which received over 120K per year are to busy preparing the pool.


You cant do anything because you dont have a say in the matter, I mean VOTE!!!!!!!!!

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