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Flood Plain Designation / Levee

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Does anyone have any information about how (if at all) the flood zone designation may change given the relatively new Warfleigh levee that runs along Riverview?

Specifically, according to the FEMA map, the designations haven't been updated since 2001, well before the levee was built.

I know there was some talk in a thread on here that someone was going to look into the levee and flood information.

Would it be prudent for us to start the ball rolling for a ''letter of Map Revision'' to FEMA? Maybe this has already happened - I don't know.

I have created a pdf document(s) of Warfleigh's map (from FEMA's website) -it seems most everyone is in the high risk category ''AE'' while there are a few ''southern'' Warfleigh areas that are designated ''X.'' If anyone is interested in our flood plain map, send me an email.

Anyone with knowlege about this stuff have any ideas?
flood plain

I spoke with someone at FEMA very early this year. It is my understanding from that conversation that, in order for the designation change to be submitted for consideration, the Army Corps of Engineers must complete all five phases of the levy re-do. Warfleigh was Phase I, and it is beginning to crumble. Meanwhile, Phase II is nowhere in sight! I don't look for anything to change in our lifetimes. Flood insurance and pork belly ACE projects forever!

Yes, please send me your flood plain map.
Levee project phases

According to indygov.org, the levee is actually not much (if at all) behind schedule:

Copy the link and paste in a browser. The northern Warfleigh section was completed on schedule. The next build phase is not scheduled to begin until 2008. And then the city will submit a map revisal in 2009. ...If I'm reading that right.
Levee Project to be compl. '08

The levee project should be completed in the Fall of 2008. At that time, flood restrictions will be reviewed and the removal of the flood insurance will be considered (key word: considered). Contact Neighborhood Liaison Rachel Buckmaster (RBUCKMAS@indygov.org or 327-5380) for further info.
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