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Of the Hearthstone Manor Homeowner’s Association
Pursuant to Article IX, § 5 of the Amended and Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Hearthstone Manor, the following Rules are hereby established which shall be
Effective December 1, 2008 (adopted November 14, 2008) General Rules
1.    Each residential unit shall be used as a residence and for no other purpose, except as otherwise provided in the Declaration
2.    No renting. No owner shall grant any form of leasehold interest in his unit, except to meet special situations and avoid undue hardships as enumerated in the Declaration. The board may grant permission to an owner to rent his/her unit only for the reasons and, and under the conditions set forth therein.
3.    Flags. Only flags of the United States of America may be displayed on the fronts of units. If you elect to fly an American flag on an extended basis, please ensure that your flag is not wrapped around its pole and that all other rules of flag etiquette are observed. For example, flags should not be out in the rain and should be lit if they are flown at night. Any other types of flags, including but not limited to school flags and seasonal flags, may be displayed as long as they are not visible from the street.
4.    No signs or billboards. No sign or billboard of any kind shall be displayed to public view on any residential unit or the common area, except street or informational signs erected by the Association. During periods when a unit is offered for sale, one sign, not to exceed five square feet in area, is allowed inside a front storm door or a window. Additional open house signs may be placed in the yard of the unit, and directional signs may be placed at the entrance to the community and at strategic points to assist visitors on the day of an open house, but only during the period one hour before the scheduled open house until one hour after its end.
5.    All vehicles within Hearthstone Manor must be properly licensed and in operable condition. Unless in garages, inoperative or unlicensed vehicles shall not be parked or stored on the property. Violations may result in towing at the owner’s expense.
6.    Vehicles infrequently driven shall not be parked or stored in common area parking spaces (including driveways).
7.    No major repairs to vehicles may be undertaken on the property.
8.    Motor cycles, motor bikes, motor scooters, golf carts or other similar vehicles shall not be operated within the property except on roadways and only for the purposes of transportation to and from the property.
9.    No motor home, mobile home, recreational vehicle, camper, water craft or other such vehicle shall be allowed to park in common area parking spaces, including on streets or driveways unless specific written permission for short term overnight or weekend parking is granted by the Board of Directors.
10. Noise and odor. Residents shall not cause or permit any noise, music, or unusual or objectionable odor to emanate from their units. All radios, television sets, stereos etc. must be turned down to a sound level that does not annoy or interfere with other unit owners/residents. This includes automobile radios, portable radios or boom boxes played outdoors. Barking dogs must be controlled so as not to be an annoyance to any other resident.
11. Garage or estate sales. No garage sales, yard sales, moving sales, estate sales, or similar sales where items (whether one or more) are offered for sale to passers-by shall be allowed within any unit, or upon the Hearthstone Manor common areas or limited common areas. No signs, advertising, or other displays of any such sales shall be permitted upon, within, or immediately adjacent to Hearthstone Manor. If any of the above shall be advertised or conducted, then any officer or member of Hearthstone Manor shall be allowed to remove and destroy any such sign or advertising display.
12. Utilities. Since damage to adjacent units may result from an uncontrolled flow of water in a unit resulting from a burst water pipe, and since pipes can and occasionally do freeze in units left unattended with no heat during the winter months, homeowners are required to keep their units connected to utilities (gas and electricity) and to maintain their furnaces in operating condition and the temperature in their units no lower than 50 degrees F. at all times – whether the unit is occupied or not. If the HOA becomes aware that utilities are not “connected”, it shall make arrangements to have them restored with the cost of same added to the homeowner’s HOA account.    All costs so incurred will be the responsibility of the homeowner and in the event of non-payment shall result in a lien against the property.
Parking Areas, Private Streets and Driveways
1.    The parking of motor vehicles in any guest parking place for longer than 72 continuous hours is expressly forbidden. Special circumstances may be approved by the board. Parking of vehicles, including motorcycles, motorbikes, trailers or bicycles, which prevents the use of guest parking spaces or driveway areas is prohibited and may result in a fine or towing and removal of the vehicle at the owner’s expense. All residents are expected to park in their respective driveways or garages.
2.    Traffic flow at the entrance of the property is one-way, with the easternmost lane one-way for inbound traffic only and the westernmost lane one-way for out bound traffic only. Exiting or entering the property from the wrong way is deemed to be extremely hazardous and is prohibited.
3.    The regular parking of any commercial vehicle--including but not limited to vans, or panel trucks advertising a business--on limited common area or general common area is prohibited. Garage parking is permitted.
4.    The speed limit on the property is 15 miles per hour. Pet Responsibilities
1.    Pet owners assume the responsibility for any action of their pet(s), and must act with consideration of their immediate neighbors as well as all Hearthstone Manor residents. All pets are to be maintained within the resident’s unit in a quiet manner.
2.    All pets shall be appropriately licensed, leashed, and at the immediate command of their owners and/or custodians while on any part of the property. Metro ordinances as well as our rules require all pet droppings to be promptly picked up and properly disposed of.
3.    Pets must not be left unattended outside of a unit, except as otherwise provided in the Declaration. Restraining an untended animal by use of an attached leash, chain, rope, etc., is never allowed.
Lake and Surrounding Areas 1.    Swimming or boating on the lake is prohibited.
2.    Fishing in the lake by anyone other than the owner of a unit is prohibited at all times. Children age twelve and under may fish as long as they are accompanied by an owner at all times.
3.    Nothing of an aquatic nature shall be placed in the lake. 4.    Feeding of geese, squirrels, fish, turtles or any other wildlife is prohibited.
Tennis Courts 1.    Guests shall be accompanied by an owner unless they are “in-house” guests.
2.    Players shall wear appropriate attire, which shall include standard tennis shoes. 3.    No bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, roller blades or pets shall be allowed within
the fenced area of the tennis courts.
4.    Players are to show proper tennis etiquette at all times.
5.    Last player shall make sure that the lights are turned off, the tension on nets is released, and that all gates are locked before leaving the courts.
6.    Trash shall be removed from the courts by the respective players. 3
7.    Tennis courts shall not be used for any purpose other than playing tennis without written permission from the board.
Use of Common Area and Limited Common Area 1.    Common area water may be used by lawn maintenance personnel only, unless
otherwise permitted in writing by the Board of Directors.
2.    Common areas or limited common areas shall not be used for storage of any kind. This prohibition extends to driveways.
3.    Unit owners or residents shall keep balconies, decks and patios clean, orderly and free from clutter. Storage or use of fire-pots, chiminias, fire pits, portable heaters, or grills (except permanently attached gills operated by natural gas) is not allowed on decks.
4.    Balconies, decks, driveways and patios shall not be used for storage. Areas under decks shall not be used for storage.
5.    Trash cans must not be visible to public view except on trash days. Trash cans shall not be kept out on any driveway. All trash, refuse, garbage and waste of any kind must be placed in the appropriate waste containers and kept within an individual’s unit or garage except on designated garbage pickup days. All trash, refuse, garbage and waste must be in a tightly secured container or tightly secured plastic bag or box.
6.    Water hoses and related equipment shall be removed from the limited common area and common area when not in active use. They shall not be stored by attached hangers on the exterior of decks or units.
7.    Cigarette and cigar butts shall not be placed on the ground anywhere on the common area or limited common area.
Violations of the above rules and regulations may subject the perpetrator to a fine. Continued violations may result in additional fines and other actions as set forth in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.
Requests for exceptions to any rule may be submitted to the Board. Requests for exceptions must be in writing and made in advance.
However, it should be realized that some rules are enumerated in the community’s Declarations document. The Board has no power to grant waivers of these rules.

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