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Poor Electric Service from Columbus Utilities

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Hello Neighbors


I understand a Power Outage in a bad storm But when the storm rolls out and it appears the electric stayed on throughout all the winds, thunder & lightening, our electric system survived.  So putting up the laterns and set down to relax watch a little TV, Power goes out which seems like for no reason.


I think we have too much of that.  I called the number from my bill in the office to a Mike again he gives me POLE was hit.  I discussed with him how often our power goes out anytime at the drop of the hat.  I feel like the PRODUCT we are paying for is not adequate or you can have any confidence it will be on.  Especially we look across the street (AEP) and Lights are on.


I asked to have a REPORT sent to me of the Number of outages within a year detailed out and sent to me. 


If your interested Contact a JEFF HOLMES  614-645-7216 and request every outage of anykind from January 2017 up through today 2018 (2-23-2018)


I plan to contact the Mayor's office and request something be looked at about this Service. I am also going to make the same copy and send it to PUCO. 


With these outages, house goes completely dark someone could get hurt.  We have lots of babies and elderly people that depend on this service and this service is far from being adequate for the money we pay. It is hard on your electronics you have and the surges that may occur.


I know they told me about a year or two ago they replaced new equipment yet even after that the ratio of outages appear the same.


If you all stick together and contact these people maybe they will pay attention.

They seem to shut the phones down when your calling from your cell phone when it is out as well.  I tried a lot of times last night.


The most important thing, this product does not give me any confidence that I will have electric service. 


Sheila Oxsher 


Let me know how you feel 



Update I got a quick response back from The City of Columbus.  I will share it with you


Good morning Sheila,


I received your voicemail this morning in regard to all the recent outages you have been experiencing. Per your request, I have attached a list showing the outages that have affected you since Jan 2017.


While some of the issues were out of control, we can definitely approve upon some of the other causes of outages.


I will follow-up this email with a phone call.









The City of Columbus

3500 Indianola Avenue
Columbus, OH 43214

Direct: (614) 645-7019

Fax: (617) 645-5814





 From the PDF file 








I believe is everyone calls 614-645-7216 


Let them know your concern about the outages you experience on a frequent basis here in our Neighborhood we may get somewhere.

The man, Reid Spirte has seen a lot of outages here in our area.  He seems like he wants to improve our area in particular.


He gave me a list of my outage via Storms,  I really wanted all the outages when it is not storming, like a midday outage appears for no reason.


He was concern about our Circut Breaker in our area and he seems like he is trying to trouble shoot and improve it.


I believe if you start a relationship with Reid before we all come down on him, and tell him about our concern I think we may get somewhere.

I am suggesting all of us make that personal call and lets see what he can do for us.


NOTE:  If this does not improve, I will be writing my Letter and Calling both MAYOR and PUCO.



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Good job Sheila.  I started writing the outages down a few weeks ago because it has been ridiculous.  December 20 - went out twice, December 23 - went out twice and was out 3 1/2 hours (also took 3 tries to get it to stay on the second time), December 28 - went out once, January 10 and 12th - went out and then last night January 22 - went out for 4 1/2 hours.  The story about a downed pole is getting old.

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