Gulf Meadows Civic Club

Suspicious Activity

Posted in: Gulf Meadows Civic Club

Be advised-this morning I saw a Hispanic Male-about 30, around 5'10" on

Misty Vale Lane trying to open the neighbors truck-he pulled on the handle several times.  I clearly saw this-he was walking, looked at the house and like it dawned on him to try the door.  He went all the way down Misty Vale (towards Monroe)-going up to each home porch, he then came back on the other side.  I called the police-never showed up-I later went outside again and he was entering my yard-he saw me, but did not say anything-I went back inside-got the phone and went back outside to call the cops again-never showed up.  A couple of hours later, I drove towards where I last saw him and he was standing on a corner by the school-about 5 minutes later an SUV picked him up.  I later thought that maybe he was passing out some type of business card, but when I reflected on this-(he would of said something to me when I ran into him in my yard-like, "Here's my card sir-I cut grass"-he said nothing-blank stare in his eyes-so, be on the look out.  Tomorrow, I plan to go to the police department on Mykawa to make a report-JG

And if he was legit, he would not have been pulling on a door handle-JG

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