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Crap dude. It isn't "come get 'um". It's "come get 'em". It is a contraction of the word "them".


Hey, look, now I'm starting to feel bad. 


I am way, super sorry, if you are special needs and I've been trolling you.


That's serious, it's a rea1 apology. Hit me back here and you can ca1l me, we'll talk.


I'm just kinda being a butthole because I disagree with you. I don't mean anything by it. I'm

sure you're a good person.

you want me to supply my address?  you mean email address?

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Did you see this story?


Link to WRAL News clip/story:


It looks like this is happening in other areas in the county.  You might want to try getting in touch with these folks.  

you "might" be very careful what your doing against actual "homeowners" that have put up with all the crap the "rental" units in their neighborhoods have brought into their "lives" over years and years of OWNERSHIP.  if a yard is untidy, maybe the owner is disabled, or has had recent medical problems that have caused them problems with being "able" to keep thier "yards tidy"... or, maybe, the messy yard comes from someone that is "alone".. and older,  one "might" concider these things prior to "mouthing off"...  just a thought.

A point to consider

I'm still amazed as a group of ''adults'', people cannot go over and talk to their neighbor about a problem.

Do you really want the HOA to be the neighborhood cops and enforce every little rule? Be careful what you ask for. What you want enforced on others today, may one day be enforced on you.

Barking dog, messy yard, go visit your neighbor and talk to them. Learn the art of being friends and neighbors. Perhaps they don't realize their dog is noisy or their yard is a mess. Or perhaps they are sick or elderly and could use some help.

Remember people read lips better than they read minds.


By Mitch

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