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Dont be an inconsiderate dog owner. Yes dogs bark. Why do you feel its ok for others to have to hear your dog barking all day? What if these people are kept awake all day by your barking dog, and they have to work nights? Music makes noise also. Does that mean you should be bothered to have to listen to the sound of music that you hate all day or all night? 

     Sadly for barking dogs, I have heard about people's pets that have been poisoned and killed because inconsiderate owners feel its alright to inflict their barking dogs on others. 



I truly dont that your neighbor makes your dog bark.  You are just another inconsiderate dog owner.  I have heard about many family pets that have been poisioned by people who could no longer handle being driven crazy over barking dogs.  

    I would love to have a dog, but I work all day, I would never be so inconsiderate as to leave a dog outside alone all day to borther others. You should not own a dog. I hope your dog isnt made to suffer because of you. Poor dogs are poisioned all the time. That is so wrong, because it is your fault not the poor lonely dog that you leave alone outside.

i totally agree!!! no dog should be left out all day barking it is very cruel to the animal and your neighbors as well to put them thru that!!! if u don't know how to care for an animal or don't have the time then don't get one!  it is not fair to anyone especially the dog!!!

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