No Pit Bull Ordinance

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no pit bull ordinance

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 I love when people speak about things they know nothing about. Especially animals. I have had  2 pits and would never own another dog. Our first one saved our lives when our home was broken into, he was raised with my kids when they were just babies and never worried once. I had more aniexty over people with them. My second, was my dads best friend, he was 97 when he passed and my dog stayed with him as long as my dad lived with us. My dog know my dad was sick and struggling. 

All dogs and I repete all dogs can turn on thier owners or anyone else for that matter and bite, not just pits. I had 12 stitches over my eye when I was 4 years old from our family dog, which was a poodle. She was just jealous, but I still love poodles. 


I would say this about any breed, you always need to be careful, just like you need to be careful with humans. We can turn on each other in a second. The sad thing is the people who have so much to say are the ones who really DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE SPEAKING ABOUT.  


I do not comment on any subjust unless I have some experience with it. 

More adults should do the same instead of listening to stories. 

I am not saying every single pit in the world is amazing just like I am not saying every other breed in the world is amazing, but just like us there are good and bad, but we shouldn't sterotype with animals or each other. 


People kill more people then dogs and we are still here and stuck with each other, at least most dogs understand unconditional love not like most of the population

Why do you think the dog has immense strength in it's jaws and extreme power in it's compact body, to fetch a squeaky toy? Don't think so.

We should have an ordinance banning them.

Well, if thats the case, we should ban horses....they have MUCH more powerful bodies....and cows....and goats....and well, of course, humans because they have not only powerful bodies but access to weapons!  Yeah....lets ban them all!  


Funny,  the only dogs I've ever been bit by are little ankle biters with ignortant owners who not only allow but encourage aggressive Napoleon complex behavior because its just so 'cuuuuute' when they bare their teeth, nip and snarl....oh look how adorable.  


You know nothing about the breed, you know nothing about dogs and I am guessing you pretty much know nothing about life in general.  


Now....where is that petition banning people from spewing ignorance of things they have no direct knowledge about?  I'm ready to sign...

Why is this posted in the Tyler, TX thread?

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