No Pit Bull Ordinance

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That is a myth used to scare people away from seeking legislation. There is no dog that is more dangerous than a pitbull for criminals to use anyways.

Thanks for replying with this post. Just keep putting information out about the danger of keeping dogs like this. When you get with folks that tell the truth about these dogs they will say a responsible owner will always have a break stick ready, and this is what shelters should be required to say when they adopt them out. When people realize their property values are going down and insurance rates are going up because of pit bulls, maybe it will sink in. Almost all of Western Europe bans these dogs and their mixes as well as many other countries around the world for a reason. I think people who are attacked should sue everyone connected with the dog, the owner, the shelter or breeder, the municipality and whoever else they can think of. What also concerns me is the way these dogs are being bred for size now, over 100lbs. They are showing up in malls, restaurants, beaches, places that ban animals , with a service vests on which is a Federal crime. Enough.
Be glad you were bitten by a Golden Retriever and a small dog and not degloved or scalped by a PitBull.

the same old song and dance about Pit' is its how they are raised is some what correct by let the child of that family walk in the house with a cat in their arms and see.

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