No Pit Bull Ordinance

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I would agree to that. Unless owners want to be held criminally liable for the actions of their dogs, I mean seriously liable, then they should be banned. That couple in san franciso who had I believe an akita that killed their neighbor is already out of jail. One dead person (chewed to death) and they only served 18 months. To me, that is like discharging a firearm. Another possibility is to have them obtain registration, other than the normal dog tags for the ''sane'' dogs. At least they could be accounted for more easily.

I have a neighbor a few doors down that allows their akita to roam free on their front lawn, while they are out of course, without a leash. They are just asking for an accident to happen. Why risk it.
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Rottweilers and Pitbulls are two

TOTALLY different species.
I will agree that pitbulls are violent dogs that are often interbred...but Rottweilers, just as German Shepards are work dogs. They are intelligent and TRAINABLE.

I disagree with any dog being banned. Maybe getting a license for an aggressive breed would be the answer or even giving a greater responsiblity on the pet owner. I see people walking their dogs off the leash all the time. I have had a Labrador chase me down the street while walking my dog. As far as banning a pitbull, I feel that it's wrong, what's next? Putting a ban on Big Macs, they kill and destroy people too. It's all responsiblity of the owner.

If you live in oakland county you are allowed 3 dogs. I have three so i know because I am not getting rid of none of mine. I broke no your township or county they will tell you..


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