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Welcome to Flint Ridge, one of Oklahoma’s best kept secrets. Flint Ridge is located in northeast Oklahoma, approximately 70 miles east of Tulsa, just south of the Cherokee Turnpike (Oklahoma HWY 412) on Oklahoma Scenic HWY 10. We are a gated recreational community of 7,000 acres. There are three entrances to Flint Ridge, two on HWY 10. The main entrance is about 4 miles south of HWY 412 on HWY 10 and is marked prominently with signage. The second HWY 10 entrance is about a 1 ½ miles north of the main entrance and is designated as the construction entrance. The third entrance is on HWY 412 at Flint Creek on the west side of the highway. Each entrance requires a gate card or a call to security to gain access. Visitors can be admitted to Flint Ridge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you have to do is have the property owner you are visiting call security prior to your visit, then when you arrive simply press the button at the security station at any of the three entrances to register with security and be admitted.

The terrain is rugged for the most part. Most of the roads in Flint Ridge follow the ridge backs that wind through the mixed pine and hardwood forest of these Ozark foothills. The community lies along the edge of the watersheds of Flint Creek and the Illinois River, both of which are designated Oklahoma Scenic Rivers.


Deer Valley Golf Course is deceptively beautiful. It is a tight course that winds its way through Deer Valley at the foot of steep hills, across ravines, over water, sand and other natural and man-made hazards. If you play early morning or late afternoon, don’t be surprised to see a fox or deer on the course.

Deer Valley Clubhouse boasts a meeting room, pro shop and restaurant. It is the center of activity at the Ridge. A senior’s lunch is served every Tuesday and Thursday from noon ‘til 1:00 pm. Our monthly Property Owners’ Meeting is held in the meeting room the last Saturday of each month. The meeting room can also be reserved for other activities by property owners.

Another center of activity is Ridge Chapel, an interdenominational church that meets here on the Ridge. Scheduled activities include a potluck lunch at noon the first Sunday of each month. Wednesday night Bible study, a lady’s Bible study during the week, several youth activities, a Spring and Fall church retreat and other activities.

From Memorial Day to Labor Day the three pools and canoe rentals are kept busy. There is also miniature golf, tennis, basketball, sand volleyball, horseshoes and a baseball field. A children's playground is located in the Recreation Complex near the main entrance.

If you want a spectacular view of the Illinois River Valley, visit Pine Ridge Clubhouse. This facility can also be reserved for special activities by property owners.

Several campgrounds are available, most along the Illinois River. There is also an RV Campground with full hookups, but 3 cabins and the Statehood House are available if you need more comfortable accommodations.

Natural Beauty

Flint Ridge is home to an abundance of Ozark flora and fauna. It is not unusual to sight bobcat, raccoon, deer, fox, coyote, squirrel, cottontail rabbit, ‘possum, skunk, chipmunk, weasel, beaver and armadillo. Although rare, there are occasional reports of bear and cougar as well.

There's quite a variety of birds in the area as well. Most common varieties are chickadee, titmouse, Carolina wren, cardinal, blue jay, crow, bluebird, goldfinch, indigo bunting, western tanager, nuthatch, red-tailed and other varieties of hawks, whop-poor-will, quail, owl, junco, turkey and several varieties of woodpeckers. A number of different kinds of ducks can be seen along the rivers year ‘round, as well as geese, crane, heron, osprey and even bald eagles during the winter months. Hummingbirds come in by the droves each spring and leave at first frost.

The reptile population also thrives in Flint Ridge. Turtles, frogs, salamanders, lizards and skinks are abundant. We have seen many different kinds of snakes (yes, that includes all three of Oklahoma’s poisonous variety: copperhead, rattlesnake and cotton mouth water moccasin) as well. They all add to the interesting variety of residents here on the Ridge.

There a lots of golf courses, swimming pools and the like in lots of different places, but there is only one Flint Ridge! The natural beauty is what makes us unique and the amenities are what make it fun to live here.

Both the amenities and natural beauty are important to our residents, but you haven’t really experienced Flint Ridge until you discover Dogwood Valley, Looper Hole, one of the numerous hidden springs with their banks lined with fern; or see all the Spring Beauties and Sweet Williams bloom in abundance in the Spring; or see the rocks bloom at the stump dump in the summer; or explore one of the caves (if you can find them); or spot a deer nursing her twin fawns, or have been one of the few to have seen a cougar slink across the trail, or had a family of raccoon or fox visit in the evenings looking for a handout. That’s what makes us unique!!!

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Flint Ridge is a 7,000 acre gated recreational community that is owner-managed. We elect a board that in turn hires a manager who hires other staff and is in charge of the day to day management of the infrastructure and common areas of Flint Ridge.

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