The New Mountain Top

Posted in: Cedar Haven

New home growth is going to come with new care and new hope. That is the difference between our community and more affluent communities. Where is our care and hope for our future, our children, our schools, our homes, our community, our lives. We may individually may want better, but the power of the community, the group far outweighs that of the individual and has a far greater impact.


We have plenty of shame. Roosevelt has an active alumni association. They have their picnics and functions in Duncanville versus at Moore Park which is less than a mile from the school. They don't want to come back o this neighborhood. They don't see this as their neighborhood.

Our PTA meetings are empty. Parent-Teacher Conference Nights are vacant. Neighborhood group meetings are attended by less than a handful of people. This is not the way of progress, care and hope.


Low rent and low property values are not synonymous with no goals, no desires no hope. The haves would have you believe that because it makes it easier for them to keep what they have when we give up. We can give a little and get back tenfold. Ah, but there is crux of the matter. There is a lack of trust among us. We don't trust that what worked for Henry Ford, John Rockefeller and Bill Gates will work for use. Lack of trust makes us try to do it all on our own. We have the see I told you attitude.


In 2 to 3 years Mills and Roosevelt can be the "Top" schools in the nation. This community can become more appealing than Frisco. Property values can go through the roof. New magnificent homes can be built on vacant lots or replace the dilapidated structures. The children here can become the doctors, lawyers, CEOs and Ph.Ds of tomorrow.

What was once abandoned, devalued and oppressed can become the pinnacle of all society.


It only takes willing workers. People who care. People who have hope. People with a vision. People that trust and have faith. Simple steps true. But a very tall order for those that have been left behind and told that they can't have. Well that is a lie. You can have and have abundantly. Get off the sofa. Stop watching the television. Go the PTA meetings. Go to neighborhood group meetings. Learn what I going on. Grow in your knowledge and understanding. Contribute to the effort. Be the solution. We can be the mountain top.

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