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Wasn't too long ago when a neighbor told us that the CIA committee lead by Cathy Williams was taking a snooping the neighboring tactic to a new low. They even said, we to do something because ''they are watching''!!!!!
Well now I understand. I got one of those snooping, sniping letters and I don't appreciate it. We've been a resident for 10 years and are a senior citizen. Picking on me and my husband is just plain tacky. We do the best we can and If they are so bothered with our way of taking care of our property, why don't they stop by and check on us and see if we could use a little help. The time it took to write you snippy little letter, you could have pitched in and helped us old people take care of your complaint. Come on, No wonder no one will participate in your community meetings etc. You insult us with your Power Plays.
Be careful, some of your best residence my find somewhere else to live.
This is disappointing.
Dove Meadows CIA

I remember the first time I received the infamous letter about my lawn. The letter started ''It has been brought to our attention...'' Then, I noticed for the first time the letter head- ''Dove Meadows CIA.'' CIA?? I wondered just how the height of my lawn had been brought to their attention. So had they used satellite surveillance? Had a member of this CIA infiltrated the neighborhood? Had my yard been marked by some recon team? I suggest a name change as well as non passive-aggressive way to address people. By the way, my lawn was not above the height standard.

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My son and I would love to help. Drop me a line at my e-mail address, let me know how and when. God bless, Brenda
CIA Committee

I have a great deal of respect for the resident whom have been here since near or at the beginning of Dove Meadows. I myself am a ''Newbee'' at about 3 and a half years.

ProComm drives by our neighborhood once a month to inspect our neighborhood in accordance with our contract with them. They drive our neighborhood a second time as a courtesy. They are looking for Covenant violations and use their best judgement. Recently with the incredible amount of rain, many of our residents, including myself, were not able to maintain our lawns in our customary manner and received a letter requesting we do so.

The matter was brought up by a few of our residents at the annual meeting in a strong manner and was discussed. We have since had a discussion with ProComm and requested that they use a bit more discression when issuing letters for lawn maintenance.
I have the utmost confidence that ProComm does not pick on any of our residents, nor do they intend to be rude in any manner. If this has occurred, I assure you the Board will do whatever it takes to ensure it does not happen again.

Involvement helps the Board to know what our neighborhood pulse is, and of course improves our community. We have very few volunteers and any time you could spare will make a difference.

I have not seen the letter you were sent and I regret that it was viewed as insulting. The letter I received was pretty basic and respectful. If yours was not, I welcome your call to discuss the issue.

James M. Bowman
Dove Meadows CIA - President
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