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Doffing Neighborhood Association

We are the descendants of a small village called "Sandtown". Our neighborhood association is comprised of residents and property owners who have joined forces to make our neighborhood one of the most beautiful places to live in Oklahoma City.

Our Sandtown forefathers were former Negro,slaves called the Freedman. They felled oak and cottonwood trees to build houses, "Big Houses."

It is our belief that hardwork and perseverance builds bigger, better and stronger communities. Therefore we invite you to join us!


Sandtown was a close-knit-and-a-fun loving community. Unfortunately, as a result of loss of jobs,urban renewal and highway construction, Sandtown slowly died. It is our hope to revitalize this historical community because the revitalization of Sandtown, now Doffing Neighborhood Association is a part of Oklahoma history.

The River

The Canadian River now a portion renamed the Oklahoma River has a long history with this community. To make a long story short, the river in the past was a serious threat to the community. On several occasion there was flooding. Thanks to the Corps of Engineers the river was aligned and realigned. The river is now safe and runs along a portion of Doffing Addition. There's a street; S W 5th Street, the City of Oklahoma has incorporated this parcel of land as part of their Master Plan; The Scenic River Overlay District(SORD). The residents and property owners of Doffing Neighborhood Association are working diligently to beautify the the neighborhood to enhance the riverfront for everyone to enjoy.

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Sandtown History


About our association


Doffing Urban Village Design Concept

Doffing neighborhood association consist of residents and property owners who have made the ultimate the decision to revitalize our neighborhood.

Many of the residents who live or grew up in this neighborhood know it as Sandtown. Sandtown holds a lot of Oklahoma City history; it is Oklahoma's first Negro settlement, many of the people are the decendants of freedman, and the people lived along the North Canadian River.

As descendants of this once thriving community, we owe it to our forefathers and to the city of Oklahoma City to do everything possible to preserve and protect our neighborhood.

It is our belief that our neighborhood can become one of the most beautiful places to live in Oklahoma City.

Phase I

We want to strengthen our sense of identity for our community, reduce the potential for crime and increase citizen confidence, safety and security. Our goals are to enhance the Oklahoma City River.


Promote and Implement the urban village design concept. "Urban Village refers to a cohesive community within an urban area, with housing close proximity to employment,public transportatiion and community services. It is comprised of paths and places, residential and business uses integrated at a pedestrain scale to fulfill many of the essential needs of daily life. The village should meet the needs such as shopping, child rearing, education,arts, security, recreation and spritual well being.

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Sandtown History

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