District 6 Planning Council

Problem Vacant house 979 Agate

Posted in: District 6 Planning
There is a vacant duplex at 979 Agate that has been problem since I moved in close by. Three Families have moved in and out of there and 1 group was even selling drugs out in the open with each group leaving piles of trash and crap scattered in the yard. It has been vacant 3 out for the 4 years I have lived on this block.

Of course the grass is is never mowed and the places is just a mess. I wish the city would tear this place down so someone could build a nice new house there like the one next door that won't sell because of this eye sore.

It is just a magnet for bad people to come and check out places around for stuff to steal....

Please help!

Door Kicked in and trash spread

Well the door has now been kicked in and stuff strung all over the place. How long before this place is stripped of copper? I have complained to the city and police and not much has been done....
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