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problem property - 930 Western

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As you may know, there was a shooting at 930 Western early Sunday morning. This property has been an ongoing problem in our neighborhood for several years, and I'd like to do whatever I can to help stop it. In my recollections...

First it was a ''trash house'', with no running water, holes in the floor, and a basement full of trash and feces. The residents were removed, and several construction dumpsters worth of yuck were taken out by guys in hazmat suits.

Then the house was totally gutted and remodeled. It sat vacant for a few months until decent new tenants moved in. We were really hopeful things were going to be better, but they only lived there briefly.

It went downhill again fast. From what I observed, the lawn was mowed twice in 2006, both times after the city was called.

The next tenants had large loud parties (with marijuana smoke wafting down the street), which generated a lot of litter and broken glass out in the street. When they moved out hastily in the middle of the night, they abandoned personal belongings in the yard and on the boulevard, including 2 televisions and a weight bench.

For the past few months, the building has been apparently uninhabited during the day. There recently was a water shutoff notice posted, and the city has indicated the building would be registered as vacant.

However, on weekend nights, 930 Western is a busy place. From bar close to roughly 6 AM, it fills up with partiers. They wander up and down the street with drinks, hooting and hollering and dropping trash on neighbor's yards as they go. Don't even want to think about what else they're up to out there: I found g-string panties in my front yard, for pete's sake.

Fights break out in the street. This Sunday, we were awakened by gunfire, with at least 5 shots fired out on the street.

I will be at the Central district police meeting tomorrow, and have also called the district 6 safety coordinator to request info on this property. Looking forward to helping shut this mess down in any way I can!
making progress!

At the 11/14 central district police meeting, another neighbor and I brought these concerns to the police, our district safety coordinator, and our city councilman's office. They really got action on this place quickly!

Already on 11/15, the building had an initial inspection and was designated as vacant and uninhabitable. This means the police can charge anyone they find on the property with trespassing [a nice tool to shut down the partiers!]

On 11/19, neighbors noticed people at 930 Western and called 911. The police arrived quickly, but the trespassers had realized something was up and took off.

Today, 11/21, a city works crew was at the house, probably to properly secure the vacant building, as the owner has yet to do so.

It's so neat to see our local government in action, and really coming through for the neighborhood. Many thanks!
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problem property 930 Western

We are private investors that acquire, restore and resell problem properties. Last year I successfully acquired an abandoned property in the 900 block of Marion street. We rehabed it and sold it to a nice family. Local residents were delighted. I can't promise miracles but I am open to working with a neighborhood assoication in acquiring, restoring and reselling the property to a committed resident owner. Please contct me at the posted e-mail address or on my cell phone 651-303-7607
I believe that neighborhoods are lifted one property at a time. Maybe its time.

Max Lemberger

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