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Problem - Rental House with Bellarmine students

Posted in: Deer Park

We live on Douglass Blvd, between Blvd Napoleon and Sewanee - and across from a rental house. Every fall for the past 15 to 20 years, the owner has rented the house to a different group of Bellarmine students.


On too many weekends to count, these students and/or their friends stand out on the sidewalk in the wee hours of the morning, talking at the top of their voices, slamming car doors, yelling...  and that's on weekends when there ISN'T a party at the house.


This year, we've had multiple conversations with the tenants and their landlord, even calling one of the young women on her cell phone (at her request) when her friends get too noisy. I've called Bellarmine's office of student affairs - nothing changes. Several times, I've thrown a jacket over my pj's at 3am and gone outside to tell the (drunken) screamers to keep it quiet. Over the years we've also made many calls to the police for late-night parties.


The school year is ending now, so we'll have a few months of peace - and then it'll all start over again with another group of students.


Does anyone in the neighborhood have any ideas where we can go, what we can do to get some peace and quiet back on our street? It's past time for this to STOP!


Thanks so much!

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