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Have you ever wondered who sees to those gorgeous garden plots along the streets of Countrywood? The answer is the title above--a group of dedicated gardening enthusiasts who delight in helping make your day brighter. As the name implies, they are all neighbors, whom your association is proud to support. Next time you see them at work, give a friendly honk-- or maybe just pitch in!


About our association


The Countrywood Neighborhood Association was founded by the original residents in the early 1970s for the purpose of insuring a safe, clean, beautiful place to live through activities which real estate or other taxes will never fully cover.

All funds from dues and other sources are used for one purpose only: To enhance the Countrywood lifestyle and property values. The people who do the association's work are all volunteers, including officers and directors.

Your Annual Dues Go A Long Way!

How much would you be willing to pay . . .

1. To keep the entrances and main arteries leading into your neighborhood clean, neat, inviting, and provide amenities to generally make the area a place you're proud to call home?

2. To engage an effective spokesperson, with the backing of the whole 2500-plus home neighborhood, to deal with such governmental agencies as law enforcement, utilities, traffic control and the like -- whose actions (or inactions) affect the
quality of Countrywood living?

3. To have a "watch-dog" service keep an eye out for homeowners who allow their property to become eyesores--leaving grass unmowed, trash accumulation, etc., and remind them of their covenant responsibilities in such a way that you can still be friends? How much would this service be worth if the culprit lived next door?

4. For legal counsel to act on behalf of the whole Countrywood complex on such matters as annexation, and other legal threats to neighborhood lifestyle and property values?

5. For a telephone "Hotline" with direct access to an officer of the Neighborhood Association, where you can beef about a problem and get the lowdown on what can be done about it?

6. To support a community newsletter reporting on activities important to our collective well-being? And schedule community-wide meetings twice a year where you can air anything you want?

Does $40 a year sound reasonable?

Incredibly, that's all it takes from each household to support your Countrywood Neighborhood Association in all these and other endeavors -- provided, of course, that everybody helps.

Pretty neighborhoods don't just happen. Your neighborhood association uses all of your annual fee to contract for cleaning, fertilizing, mowing, and in some areas, watering grass on the 86 medians on Countrywood's main arteries. In addition, there are signs and lights at the entrances to maintain, and we assist the Countrywood Garden Club in providing landscape materials which add much of the color and spice throughout our area.

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