Concord BC

43 Days

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Dickerson and Harper

E. Outer Dr. and Conner

In Between:

Park Drive and Dickerson


William Beckham Elementary School

Please help me better understand why those that are responsible for removing the bulk and debris from the curbs of homes that have evictions and foreclosures, aren't doing it in a timely manner?

My neighbor and I were organizing the pile and a family of rats ran out. We were cleaning the pile because there was food and water there feeding them. We've organized and cleaned the area several times due to the fact that people are illegally dumping things there and some are rummaging through the items that were left. We WERE trying to prevent rats and mice. NOW THERE ARE MICE RUNNING AROUND IN MY HOME! I'm so upset that it has been 43 days this furniture and debris has been out here.

We?’ve made contact with the city, Ombudsman, the news channels, the newspapers and made an attempt to contact the Mayor and the Governor's office. This is absolutely ridiculous.

If this was another community this would not be happening... I'm so upset I do not know what else to do. Please assist.

Thank You in advance,

43 Days

It is unfortunate that this is happening. We have to join forces to be heard. I am willing to do whatever is necessary in order to assist. I am tired of this happening where we reside. Trash is everywhere. Landlords should be made responsible when this happens. It is their property, they know the eviction is in place and they also KNOW that TRASH will be left behind.

By Linda
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