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Southside Shooting The living r

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Southside Shooting The living r
Nov 11, 2003
Southside Shooting
The living room of your home should be a safe place... but that was not the case for a Columbus teenager who became a shooting victim. This is not how Sara hood expected to spend her Christmas vacation two years ago.
Sara, ''There's nights I wake up with nightmares over it.'' Sara was watching television at her family's home on Avondale Avenue. Her father was upstairs getting ready for bed.
Alan Hood, Sara's Father, ''I heard like three ?…then there were like four of five other ones.'' Sara's father heard eight guns shots...then he noticed man on the sidewalk in front of their house wearing a ski mask. That man jumped into a black van and drove away. One of the bullets struck Sara. She spent a week in the hospital. Now she has a scar over her left eye. The gunshot left her partially blind.
Sara Hood, ''I almost lost my life because of someone's stupidity.'' Sara and her family are frustrated and angry. They want the man who fired the shots to spend time behind bars. Columbus police are still looking for him and the driver of the getaway car.
Alan Hood, ''I just want these guys put away where they belong.'' Sara Hood, ''Me personally, I don't care what happens to them, because they almost took my life over something I didn't even do. And it could have been my little brother, it could have been anybody in my family.''
If you have information about this Southside shooting.... call Central Ohio Crimestoppers at 645-TIPS. They're offering a reward for tips that lead to an arrest.
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