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City Park Neighborhood Membership and Fees

Membership is open to any resident or property owner, or any certified agent of a property owner in the City Park Neighborhood.

There are no dues or fees required to be a member fo the Association. The Association operates on donations and from any money made from the annual icecream social. The sale of City Park Neighborhood t-shirts has recently been added as source of funds for the Association. (These t-shirts are available by contacting any one of the board members. These names can be found under 'contacts' on the home page.)

Neighborhood Events and Attractions

The City Park Neighborhood Association has several events through out the year. Some of the events are annual events and some of them vary with each season. Our usual events include but are not limited to:

-Annual Meeting - This meeting is usually held in May or June. Any Association business will be held at the beginning of the meeting. This business includes but is not limited to the voting in of officers for the upcoming year. In most cases, there is a "hot" topic to be discussed at the time of the meeting. So a speaker will be invited to inform all members about the topic at hand and then a "question and answer" session will be held at the end. Refreshments are provided.

-Ice-Cream Social/National Neighborhood Night Out -
This is a national event that is coordinated so that neighborhoods and neighbors all over can have an excuse to get together and meet new people in their neighborhood and to catch up on any new happenings in the area. ***Our neighborhood has been lucky enough in the past to have WALRUS to donate our ice-cream and it has proven to be a big hit. There is a small charge for ice-cream but it is always worth it to eat some WALRUS ICE-CREAM! The train at the park is also available for free so that the kids can ride and enjoy themselves.

Through out the summer, potlucks are scheduled so that neighbors have the chance to get together and visit. Everyone brings a dish to share along with their own plates and silverware and the Association provides the drinks and cups.

The CITY PARK is an attraction in it's self. It is a great park for the kids as well as the adults to enjoy. There is plenty of room for several tag football games to be enjoyed at the same time as well as a great playground. It also includes a great outdoor pool and wading pool for every to enjoy. (The swimming pool will closed for the 2002 summer season due to some much needed repairs but is scheduled to re-open for summer 2003 - the wading pool will be open this summer for the smaller kids)

SHELDON LAKE is also a great part of the park. During the winter it provides a great ice skating rink at the south west corner and is great for feeding ducks during the summer.

The park also offers multiple softball/baseball fields and has a nine hole golf course called CITY PARK NINE.

There is also a TRAIN for kids to ride on just west of the playground. It cost $1.50 per ride and will open in May.

Another great attraction to the neighborhood is the TROLLEY. This will also be available starting in May. It is open on the weekends and holidays. It starts at the city park and ends at in front of St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Old Town. You can get off to do shopping or you can just enjoy a round trip back to the park.

BEAVERS MARKET is also a great feature of the neighborhood. Beavers does a great job of being the neighborhood grocery store. It is a great place to do your shopping!

City Park Neighborhood Association Purpose and History

The Association was established to provide a means for informing the neighborhood about issues of mutual concern, communicating the members' views to appropriate public and private decision-makers, and to promote a sense of neighborhood identity and communtiy.

Board members are strictly volunteer and are always available for any questions you may have. The Association is always looking for new voluteers to serve on the board and for various task. So if you are interested in any kind of volunteer services whether it be to join the board to just distribute newsletters, please contact any of the current board members (members are listed on the home page under contacts).

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