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Residents of Chevington Woods:
Dogs are not permitted to run loose in the neighborhood! Dogs must be kept on a leash, within an electric fenced yard, or a fenced yard. The dog warden can and will be called for dogs running unattended. Please be respectful of your neighbors and contain your pets.

CWCA would like to welcome all new residents to our beautiful neighborhood, Chevington Woods! Up date information, in regards to our community, can be found on website Please see the list to the left and click on About Us to access the materials which include our Deed Restrictions, Bylaws, current events, etc..


Lighting the streets and properties....
Please remember to check your outdoor post lamps and porch lighting for working bulbs.

PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY! Be mindful of children playing in and around our neighborhood streets.
We have many walkers, joggers, and bicycle riders in our community. Please help keep them safe as they use our streets.
DOG OWNERS....As you walk your pet, please clean up after them! They are wonderful companions, but owners, you are responsible for their droppings... Be respectful of your neighbors' yards! Also, dogs need to be under control and leashed.

The CWCA Trustees are a volunteer group, elected by you the homeowners, to represent all areas of Chevington Woods. They devote long hours for the betterment and beauty of Chevington Woods.
We appreciate your ongoing support and input, so that our community continues to be a great place to live, and one that we all can take pride in each and everyday.

Chevington Woods Civic Association, Inc.


Homeowners of Chevington Woods:
It is very important to maintain outdoor lighting on every property, as stated in your Deed Restrictions. It is one of the best ways to deter vandalism throughout the neighborhoods. No community is immune to acts of crime.
Well lit homes and properties will help us maintain a safe neighborhood.
Vandals do not like to be seen....keep your property well lit!

I am extremely encouraged by the responses I have received from the newsletter. I appreciate your suggestions and support of the CWCA.
As we move forward and reflect on the past, please know that I will work to retain the beauty and pride Chevington Woods has experienced for some thirty years. We owe it to the many neighbors that have made Chevington Woods their home for most, if not all, of those years.
For those new to the neighborhood, you have bought a home, an investment, in a wonderful community! People here take pride in their homes.....hundreds of hours are spent enhancing and maintaining property values.
I walk and drive the neighborhoods, north and south, amazed at the time and energy spent by most homeowners to beautify their homes and properties; you should be commended for your dedication, I thank you.
I encourage everyone to meet new neighbors, visit old ones, and enjoy our wonderful community.
Yours truly,
Carol Comanita, President CWCA  (previous)

Neighborhood Deed Restrictions

The complete copy of DEED RESTRICTIONS have been typed in a digital format and are available in PDF form on the About Us section on website Copies are also available in paper format if you contact Janis Fodor, CWCA Treasurer, her contact info is in the directory.

The following is an outline of Common Deed Restrictions in Chevington Woods
Complete copies of the deed restrictions applicable to your property should have been provided upon closing proceedings during the purchase of your property and acceptance of the deed and ownership of said parcel. Digital copies are available to you on our About Us area on website.

When the C & G Development, Inc. set up Chevington Woods, they legally provided for a Civic Association. Item #27 in the legal papers clearly states the following: Homeowner Association''For the purpose of all common community welfare of every kind and nature required within the subdivision for the general use and benefit of all lot owners, each and every lot owner, in accepting a deed or contract for any lot in such premises, agrees to and shall be a member of and be subject to the obligations and duly enacted by-laws and rules of the Chevington Woods Civic Association, Inc., a non-profit corporation shall include all lot owners in Chevington Woods North Subdivision as well as all lot owners in Chevington Woods South Subdivision.

The restriction listed below are highlights of the deed restrictions for Chevington Woods, both North and South:
1. Detached outbuildings and garages are prohibited.
2. No wall or fence (or part of a fence) of any type may be constructed nearer to any street than the building setback line.
3. Line-of-sight cannot be obstructed on corner lots. Fences, walls, shrubs, or hedges must meet certain height
restrictions if within 25 feet of an intersection of two streets. Trees must have a sufficiently high foliage line so as to provide an unobstructed view. These same restriction apply to every lot in the subdivision within 10 feet of the intersection of the driveway with the street.
4. Each lot must have a yard light which conforms to the specifications contained in the Abstract of Title. It must operate automatically and be on from 1-@ hour after sunset
until 1-@ hour before sunrise. The light must be maintained in a good working condition at all times.
5. Non-passenger vehicles may not be parked on any street or lot for more than two consecutive hours.
6. No signs are permitted except for:
a. one professional sign not exceeding one square foot in size.
b. one sign advertising the property for sale or rent and exceeding five square feet in size.
c.Signs used by builders to advertise the property during the construction and sales period.
7. The following vehicles and equipment may not be kept on any lot unless completely enclosed in a garage:
a. Commercial vehicles,
b. Camping or vacation vehicles,
c.Construction-type equipment, or
d. Mobile or stationary trailers of any kind
8. No sanitary facilities or waste-water facilities, such as wash tubs or softwater systems may be allowed to drain into the sump or discharged through the sump pump.
9. Building materials may not be stored for more than 30 days prior to the commencement of an improvement nor for more than 15 days after its completion. All improvements must be completed in a reasonable time. In no case shall the construction period exceed 6 months.

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