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New State Fireworks Laws

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This is the first year Indiana has essentially allowed fireworks to be set off virtually anytime of the year from 9:00am to 11:00 pm. I for one think this ranks right up there with their Joel Silverman License Bureau overhaul and more recently the property tax debacle.

The state law allows local municipalities to enact local restrictions - Ft. Wayne has already done so.

I'd like to hear other's opinions on the new fireworks laws.
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looks like they are trying to outlaw fireworks for next year now.we will have to wait and see.

Interesting topic.  Has anyone heard of revision to the original laws?  I realize that fireworks are often set off at all times of the year in communities around my community.  I had always assumed that there were really no restrictions or laws preventing the use of the fireworks.  Certainly the police in my area have not taken a vested interest in limiting or preventing the use throughout the year. 

I understand about the laws...but it does make me upset when people are shooting fireworks off and have no respect for other people...My two year is trying to sleep and it is really frustrating when I have to get her back to sleep and it they do it in a residential area with lots of houses that could potential catch on fire if people are not careful....I can just see that fire ball now....I mean these people are not exactly firemen or trained professionals...I just wish that law would state that you can shoot them off in residiential areas where is a lot more people and alot more danger! I just wish people had a little more respect and that the laws were a little more strict on where you can shoot them off.

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