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We moved to Garfield Park in November 2005 from Columbus Indiana. I work for Eli Lilly & Co. Prior to moving here I commuted from Columbus to Lilly for about 4 years. Prior to that my wife Beth and I worked for Cummins Inc. (formerly Cummins Engine Company).


My wife Beth's interests include doll making, crocheting, and cross stitching. She is also very interested in NASA and space exploration in general.

My hobbies include technical computing, bicycle riding (I now commute daily all year to work by bicycle), playing my musical keyboards, and studying spiritual philosophies.

We both enjoy walking through our neighborhood as well as through the beautiful neighboring Garfield City Park.

Our musical preferences are classical, particularly baroque.


We like cats. We have three who allow us to live with them. We also like dogs, but don't want any unless we move to the country some day.

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