Letter to Senator Linda Newell about Highline Meadows &TMMC

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Dear Senator Newell,

Thanks so much for your response. Yes, I read about her in Westword Magazine recently, there also was an article about Highline Meadows by David Swaine.
 We, or Highline Meadows Condos,  are just south of the cross streets of Arapahoe Road and Broadway. We are in the Horseshoe shaped Highline Canal area on the East side of Broadway  in between Ridge Road and Arapahoe.
This is considered Centennial.
 So I believe you understand our problem here is that "we have no vote and have never had" enough quorum or 51% of 298 owners to vote out the Board of Directors and then "Fire" TMMC for there incompetence to this Highline Meadows Complex. We might even sue them for there obvious book errors.
 The Board of Directors are in direct violation of the 1978 Declaration for Highline Meadows Condos on file with the state. I am attaching all the violations for you to look at.
 We are nothing more than sheep in a field who are seeing our homes value plummet 40-60% with no chance of resale due to the vast issues and upcoming assessments with the complex.
These  ISSUES are:
1) No Reserves for capitol Improvements
     a) Roofs Need replacement 20 buildings
     b) Mansards need replacement 20 Buildings
     c) Rework trim and paint due to lack of painting in TEN Years 20 Buildings
     d) Repave 4 Parking lots- Lines and block paint
     e) Replace 140 Porches due to structural integrity and safety
     f) Install Electrified and wireless Fire Alarms in 10 Condo Buildings
     g) Replace Aluminum Wiring in 78 Town homes
      i) Replace All Fences in Roads
     h) Replace all Garages and Doors, and Doors on 10 Condo Buildings
      j) Major landscaping Improvements required due to lack of Maintenance 
      over years
 For over Ten Years now we are being managed by TMMC who have given us 3 special assessments, one of which was deemed illegal by the Arapahoe County Court. Now they want to give us another assessment. The previous assessments have not gone to  other major capitol improvements to this community such as, Roof Replacement and Mansards so now most building have been leaking and destroying themselves for over 15 years since the Board Declared the Roofs where shot in 1995.
 The Board and TMMC are just running a huge Business which sucks up all of our money each year and we are left with nothing. All they have done is raise our dues over Ten times in 12 years, give us 3 special assessments and use all the money and allow this place to fall apart.
The Board and TMMC will not cut cost and go into emergency mode. The property values losses, due to there oversight in allowing this community to fall apart, for each homeowner are in the Tens of thousands of dollars. I have personally lost over 35 thousand Dollars in loss, due the Roof, Mansards, paint and other conditions of the complex.
We are indeed being held hostage when these Board of Directors, and TMMC, as they continue allowing our home value and quality of life be affected financially and emotionally by them not following there fiduciary duties as outlined in the Highline Meadows Declaration.
We have considered a Class action lawsuit but are trying other solutions like having the State or local government assist us some how. We need change and we need it now! Other wise,  we might be the first condemned property in the city of Centennial since its inception.
I hope you folks can assist us in some way since the Majority of  Homeowners have no official say in what happens with our money.
Thanks !
 Joe Owner 
Representative Member and homeowner at Highline Meadows

“One Day HOA's and Property Management companies will start to respect the rights of the common man instead of squashing him to make monetary gain and power to control others in Associations in America” 


This is exactly what is happening at our complex. We can’t get enough votes to reach quorum and the Management Company has been taking us to the cleaners for 12 years.


Our Roofs needed replacing 15 years ago; we have had 3 special assessments and at least 10 increases which have doubled our dues in Ten Years. Our paint is gone now and only the wood which is decaying is showing as the Mansards and Roofs are all leaking.


We have started a website here http://www.highlinemeadows.org/

 but, we cannot get any support from the association members as 60 % are renters and don’t care what happens. we are truly at the mercy of the Board and the management company as our property values have plummeted 40 to 60 percent and now we could go into condemnation as the porches are failing, roofs,mansurds, roads, paint, garages, landscape, fences, aluminum wiring, fire control all need attention. We have another special assessment coming up soon.


We have no choice but to have a class action lawsuit (D& O Insurance) against the Board of Directors for severe violations of the Declaration. Our proof is the Reserves at Zero dollars and the Condition of the complex as this place is falling apart each year with no capitol improvement and all the money is being used in a big money sucking business leaving us with nothing.


You think you’re being held hostage you should see this place....


I wonder with so much evidence of financial corruption and fraud how these people have not been caught in over 12 years.




OK I hear you..I agree that it should be a majority of people who have caused this place to get to this point because they majority of people have never come together to have a say in the matter.


I understand that bad MC's and Bad Boards are fired all the time, but I and the Majority of the people in this complex did not vote for them or the MC or put them in there position.


We know we have a serious problem, but it's business as usual, as the position of the Board and MC is to keep increasing dues and assessing the members. At some point they should look within themselves as to what is needed to really save our complex and make so much needed changes to the budget and CUT SPENDING.


We are really just running a huge business that is not really benefiting the homeowners property values or fixing the major issues such as Roofs, Paint, Porches etc.


The budget reads like a out of control money sucking machine that has never tried to cuts cost, go green, or save money. Each year we keep spending more and more while the property values slip into the dirt. Yes, this place needs help! I'm not looking for a hand out just some reasonable common sense approach to running this place correctly.


Like I said it's just a matter of time before we could have a major accident. We already know everything is broke and needs fixing but somewhere in this equation the decisions of the Board to consider cutting spending and going into emergency mode has been lost and not even considered.


So lets say that we have a bad MC and Board and want to stay on the same course? It would take 51% of the people in this complex to make us change course at 151 members. We have great ideas of how to obtain the monies needed to save the complex but the board wont even answer our questions or see the alternative solutions to our plight.


We just need change. As usual, the current board, who's president have been in every position since 2005, will select who they want and not who the majority of people want. This has been the way it has always been the last President was in power for TEN years. It will that Board and not the majority of the people in this complex who will have TO ABIDE BY THERE DECISIONS WITH NO say in the matter.


You must believe me that we have tried so hard to get the owners to sign petitions, attend meetings, come together that it just has not happened ever since the place became a condo in 1978.


Like I said we are screwed as a majority as the Board and MC control us and we are nothing more than "Sheep in a Field.(wool is covering our eyes as we are being taken to the cleaners) Thats Our fault!


Youre Right!




guys can we get an update on Highline Meadows, I know a new HOA was put in place Jan 1st 2019.  Are there plans for changes? 

Did the old HOA fix any of the above issues?

Please let us know what you know.


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