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Did the county spray the sewers or something.. we seem to be getting a HUGE surge in the large sewer roaches outside .. I find them coming out of the drains in the house from time to time and find dead or nearly dead ones scattered throughout the house.. when we moved in 3 years ago.. we had crickets for a bit.. and for the past two years nothing.. this is just disgusting... anyone else.. I know in Mesa they spray the sewers and will come spray your house if you end up with them.

I don't know if the county is spraying, but we've had an influx of them as well (although not inside, just outside).  I have a company that sprays my property every 2 months, so luckily they've all been dead or dying and none inside of my home.  But my pest control guy said he's seen quite a few of them in the general east valley area, not just in this county/area.

We live on Westray and have been noticing a ton more roaches.  So have the neighbor close to us.  We all had our houses sprayed the same day this week and are already finding them dead.  I was going some yard work and found a lot living in a hole my dog had dug near the fence so the bug guy sprayed heavily there.  I haven't seen anymore inside.  All of the dead ones are outside.  I'm not sure why but it is truely gross.

I guess this is an old post, but a bit of info on the roaches...


They come out of the sewer/drainage areas when the weather gets hot and dry enough to dry up those places.  They come to our properties for the water in the irrigation systems, then move in to the wall frames behind the stucco.  There's a gap between the stucco and foundation designed to let our walls breathe, and that's where they move in.  They can go anywhere in the house from there.  Other critters come for the same environment, and the predators(spiders, scorpions) move in after them.  Good, regular pest control is necessary to keep this under control, as our homes are much more luxurious to them than any place in nature.  


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