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We are renters in the Castlegate subdivision, we have rented our current house for 2 years..and will be extending out for another year or two while we build our own home, ourselves.  My husband is a software engineer and works from home, im a Escrow Officer and I work in Mesa.  We have two boys 10 year old Jadyn and 3 year old Killian.

We are not your "typical" renters.. we always respect & take care of our home.. rented or not, prior to renting this house we owned a home in Johnson Ranch, our dreamhome turned into a nightmare with this current economy and we had to do a shortsale which landed us in our current situation.

We are helpful and courteous neighbors, and would love to become a member of this community.

Location: E. Shapinsay, Castlegate
Occupation: Software Engineer (H), Escrow Officer (W)
Registered: 12/17/2010
Last login: 10/22/2012
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