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FreeCycling is similar to recycling, but it is based upon the principal of finding new homes for things that are still of value that might be needed by others. Or for finding things that someone else wants to discard and you would like to have. ALL FOR FREE!

From automobiles, computers, produce, plants, clothing, phones, paper products, sports and health equipment, furniture, and even pets. The list is endless upon what can be freecycled. The only requirement is that it be FREE.

I would really like to get the word out in a 'big' way. My hope is to be able to reach those people in our county that really need the help. We have so many neighbors that could benefit from a program such as this. I make no money, receive no privileges, no recognition or anything for this other than the satisfaction of knowing that I am trying to help with our waste problem and our fellow Milwaukee neighbors at the same time.

Things that have been given away thus far (partial), tread mills, gas grills, patio furniture, vacuums, pet food, magazines, baby formula, animals, infant car seats, clothing of all sizes, refrigerator, washing machines, pet cages, plants, bikes, paint, paving blocks, dryers, automobiles..... quite a lot of things.

Would you be willing to help spread the word? Could you please let your organization know about this group? Or at least pass the word on?

There are files, brocures, tear-offs and the like in the files section of our group.. should you decide to join yourself. You can help promote this new form of recycling.

Please feel free to check out the group yourself. Membership is open to all. And it is for the Milwaukee area.. and surrounding areas.

Thank you so much!

Keep FreeCycling!

Krista Rose
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