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Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission

There are 7 criteria to be met to be classified as a gang member

Gang and Immigration Intelligence Team Enforcement Mission
Kevin Claridge
April 17, 2008

There are 7 criteria to be met to be classified as a gang member.

GMIC – Gang Membership ID Card

1990 – There were 5,115 gang members in Arizona.
1991 – 380 gangs statewide.
1992 – 10,698 gang members on file.
1999 – 15,000 gang members.
1999 – 800 gangs statewide.
2008 – 2,600 gangs statewide.
2008 – 21,000 plus members documented statewide.

1991 – Arizona’s population grew three times faster than the rest of the nation.

ARS 13-105.7
Felony Act.

Street Gang Names

Crips (wear blue) Native Pride
Bloods (wear red) Juggalos
Surenos Casa 13
Nortenos Latin Kings (black gang)
MS13 – Mara Salvatrucha Vice Lords (black gang)
Skinheads Hammer Skins
Peckerwoods (white supremists) White Pride
Brown Pride *** Hybrids

13 – Mexican Mafia – Letter M is the 13th letter in the alphabet.
Mara Salvatrucha translates to mean Soldier or an Army Ant, because they work together and are very dangerous since they never give up. This gang is from El Salvador.

Nazi Low Rider is very close to the Aryan Brotherhood.

*** - Combination of gangs for economic gain.

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs

Hells Angels (Started in Arizona. Ralph “Sonny” Barger is the President and lives in Cave Creek, Arizona. This gang comes annually in the summertime to Alpine, Arizona.
Bandidos (Started in New Mexico)
Vagos (color is green)
Mongols – enemies of the Hells Angels
Lost Dutchman
Spartan Riders

Hells Angels have a symbol on their jackets called a three piece rocker. It has this logo on the jacket.

Death Head Symbol

Security Threat Groups

Security Threat Groups
(Prison Gangs)

Aryan Brotherhood
Mexican Mafia – Started in California prisons. These guys are older and are fading out.
New Mexican Mafia - They have the two M’s attached, and they cross over one another. The MM’s are earned and are called patches. They have killed someone to have earned the tattoo.
Gorilla Family
Border Brothers
Grandel - From Glendale, Arizona. - Check this web site out to learn more.

There was a list of rappers that are in gangs too, even though they deny it. The two that I saw before the slide changed were:
Snoop Doggy Dog – Long Beach Insane Crip
Ice Cube – N Hood Crip (Rollin’ 60 set)

ARS 13-105.8

7 criteria to be a gang member

7 criteria to be a gang member.
2 have to be identified to be added as a gang member.

1. Self-Proclamation.
2. Witness testimony or an official statement.
3. Written or electronic correspondence (web pages, backpacks, my space, etc.).
4. Paraphernalia or photographs.
a. S U R – 3 belt buckles with a letter on each buckle.
5. Tattoos – OC – Orange County.
6. Clothing or Colors – bandanna.
7. Any other indicator of street gang membership.

GMIC – Gang Membership ID Card / The court can ask for enhanced sentencing.

What are the ages of gang members?

14 – 21 years of age.
8 – mid 40’s.
It can certainly vary.
Recruitment starts in middle schools between ages 10 – 13. Most gangs target youth that are easily persuaded to do work with the gang.

Why do kids join gangs?

• Acceptance
• Excitement
• To earn money
• Peer pressure
• Protection
• To socialize

Most of the street gangs make their money from drugs and burglaries.
Motorcycle gangs make their money from drugs and extortion.

What do kids have to do to get into a gang?

• Rolled in/Jumped in
• Lined in
• Walked in
• Courted in
• Sexed in (boyfriend who is a gang member)
• Commit crimes
• Born in

Females are more attached. An example that was given would be when a police officer stops a car, and they notice that the guys physical appearance looks suspicious and the female is dressed nice with makeup etc., the police officer realizes that the woman is attached to the man and will do whatever it takes to protect him from going to jail. They’ve found that woman carry guns or knives and wouldn’t have any problem using them to protect their man.


BK – Blood Killer
CK – Crip Killer
OG – Original Gangster

A shirt might have Phoenix 602 on it, and this is a known gang member criteria.


3 dots on eyes or arms, etc. = “Mi Vida Loca” or “My Crazy Life”
4 dots = “Raza” or my crazy life – Norteno.
Tattoos are found on arms, fingers, hands, wrists, ears, neck, legs or ankles.
Two faces (one with a smile and one that is crying) = “Smile now, cry later.”
Eyebrows SUR XIII (13) One eyebrow will have SUR on it and the other eyebrow will have the XIII on it. The gang member can shave his eyebrows and then the SUR XIII will show, or he could allow the hair to grow back to conceal the tattoo.

SSBP – South Side Brown Pride.

Speed limit signs

When you see a speed limit sign that has either the number 2 or the number 3 marked out with graffiti, it has a reason. The gangs use the alphabet and correlate them with numbers. Thus, the 2 equals a B since it is the second letter in the alphabet, and the 3 equals a C since it is the third letter in the alphabet. So the 2 is crossed out since the Crips don’t like the Bloods, and the 3 is crossed out since the Bloods don’t like the Crips.

2 = B = Bloods (they wear red)
3 = C = Crips (they wear blue)

Bajadores (illegals)

USBP – US Border Patrol
Bajadores have all of the gear and automobiles that look just like the US Border Patrol. They break into homes and rob people.

ICE – Deals with Immigration.


Analytical Support Unit
3 Analysts, 2 IRS.
6000 + Service Requests from July 1st – June 30th
They played a part in capturing the serial shooter and baseline rapist.

DLO – Detention Liaison Officers
13 counties in Arizona
GLO – Gang Liaison Officers

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