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Buckfield Farms homeowners resolve to get to know their neighbors and to respect their rights as property owners and citizens. The Association has existed since the community was founded in 1992 as Buck Acres, Inc. began selling the 31 residential lots. The property consists of woodlands, pastures, wetlands, and ponds, as well as many hiking and riding trails. The purpose of the Association has not changed from the beginning: Resolve community conflict and maintain the tranquility guaranteed to each resident by our Covenants and Bylaws and the laws of our County, State, and Nation. The Association is guided by a board of officers who are elected annually to oversee the maintenance of the common-owned property and amenities (lights, ponds, recreation area, road, and entrance signage) using the regime fees collected each April from all lot owners.

Buckfield Farms Address and Phone List

ALEXANDER, Steve 889-3868 (H)
6982 Buckhorn Road, Lot 14
Ravenel, SC 29470

BRIGGS, Karl & Wendi 534-6089 (C)
6983 Buckhorn Road, Lot 18
Ravenel, SC 29470

CLARK, Gene & Carolyn 889-8660 (H)
6966 Buckhorn Road, Lot 11
Ravenel, SC 29470

6945 Buckhorn Road, Lot 24
Ravenel, SC 29470

COTTRELL, David & Delores 889-2621(H)
6978 Buckhorn Road, Lot 13
Ravenel, SC 29470

FITZGERALD, Matt 830-2053 (C)
6918 Buckhorn Road, Lot 4
Ravenel, SC 29470

FLANIGAN,Chris&Laurie 889-9408 (H)
729-4772 696-4498
6949 Buckhorn Road, Lot 23
Ravenel, SC 29470

HALEY, Clarence & Ronda 889-5401 (H)
6990 Buckhorn Road, Lot 16 532-9076 (C)
Ravenel, SC 29470

HALL, Karl & Laura 870-8304 (C)
6911 Buckhorn Road, Lot 31
Ravenel, SC 29470

HURST, Chris 224-8578 (C)
6986 Buckhorn Road, Lot 15
Ravenel, SC 29470

JOYCE, Hazel (Owner)
c/o Beth Montgomery 478-0955 (C)
6925 Buckhorn Road, Lot 26
Ravenel, SC 29470

KNIGHT, Sandra (Owner) 224-8082 (C)
6939 Buckhorn Road, Lot 25
Ravenel, SC 29470

KNIGHT, Charles 568-7048 (C)
6941 Buckhorn Road, Lot 25
Ravenel, SC 29470

KORNAHRENS, Joey & Lavonda 709-1017 (C)
6963 Buckhorn Road, Lot 20
Ravenel, SC 29470

KOSTER, Brenda 889-3473
PO Box 151 Lot 19
Adams Run, SC 29426

NAWABI, Dr. Daud (Owner) 884-0752
c/o Nancy Lane (Renter) 408-5476
6970 Buckhorn Road, Lot 12
Ravenel, SC 29470

O’BRIEN, Mark 670-8534 (C)
6953 Buckhorn Road, Lot 22
Ravenel, SC 29470

PEARSON, Tom & Diane 889-6899 (H)
6888 Buckhorn Road, Lots 1,2,5,6 810-6888 (C)
Ravenel, SC 29470

CARR, Suzanne 906-9840 (C)
6958 Buckhorn Road, Lot 9
Ravenel, SC 29470

RITTER, Ronald 889-8710 (H)
6954 Buckhorn Road, Lot 8
Ravenel, SC 29470

ROWLAND, Ann & Chris 345-1554 (C)
6901 Buckhorn Road, Lot 29
Ravenel, SC 29470

SALVAGE, Sam & Lula 569-1033(H)
200-7871(C) 870-0461(C)
6962 Buckhorn Road, Lot 10
Ravenel, SC 29470

SAXBY, Maxine 860-7740 (C)
6916 Buckhorn Road, Lot 3
Ravenel, SC 29470

SHUGART (THIBAULT), Kathleen (803) 385-2161
6957 Buckhorn Road, Lot 21 Ravenel, SC 29470

WALKER, Bruce 889-3400 (H)
6897 Buckhorn Road, Lot 30
Ravenel, SC 29470

WILLIAMS, Lucky & Faye 889-9152 (H)
6987 Buckhorn Road, Lot 17
Ravenel, SC 29470

WRIGHT, Danny & Mandy 889-8329 (H)
6927 Buckhorn Road, Lot 28
Ravenel, SC 29470

YOUNG, Debbie 889-4977 (H)
6948 Buckhorn Road, Lot 7
Ravenel, SC 29470

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About our association


Buckfield Farms - a Diverse Community in Rural SC

Buckfield Farms' land masses are as diverse and unique as are the residents themselves. The topography includes high, dry pastures, hardwood and pine forests, low grasslands, Carolina bays (pecosin), cypress bays, ponds, and "gator holes." Those making Buckfield Farms home are a cross-section of the world, with such diverse backgrounds as submarine commander, navy diver, postmaster, doctor, teacher, septic tank serviceman, contractor, carpetlayer, chemist, butcher, accountant, animal rescuer, newspaperman, mechanic, French chef, equestrian trainer, exterminator, fisherman, wild game hunter, security guard, secretary, Hell's angel, salesman, cabinetmaker, realtor, and truck driver. The rural Southern heritage of the community is augmented with other cultures including African-American, Afghani, British, Indian, and Yankee. And they all lived happily everafter.

The 2007 ARB may be busy.

The new members of the Archchitectural Review Board (ARB) are: David Cottrell, 6978 Buckhorn Road (889-2621); Karl Hall; and Diane Pearson. The ARB duties are defined in the Covenants and Bylaws of the Association. They are to review and approve/disapprove construction activities in Buckfield Farms. This includes homes, porches, barns, sheds, fences, walks, mailboxes, driveways, and any other "improvement upon the land".

The 2007 Road Committee is gearing for action!

The new Road Committee is determined to improve the condition of Buckhorn Road. The elected and volunteer committeemen are: Karl Hall; Karl Briggs; Chris Flanigan, 6949 Buckhorn Road (889-9408); Chris Rowland, 6901 Buckhorn Road (345-1554); and Tom Pearson, 6888 Buckhorn Road (889-6899).

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