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busy body neighbors

Posted in: Brookfield Village

stay off my street,,,,,stay away from  my  house ,,  you are not welcome here


worry  about  honeysuckle lane  and  your  own  neighborhood


you dont  have  any business on  other  neighborhood streets  unless you are  using them to get  to and  from your residence unless you are out  to  cause  trouble


for  over  10  years  before the  city of  hilliard  issued gargantuan Columbus styled trash cans, you  had  no problem with  where we  placed our  garbage  cans....for two  years  from when they were issued,  you  didnt  have a problem with them....why the  sudden interest  in  everyone  else's  trash?


if my next door neighbor has no problem with  where my  trash can is, why should you ?  if i have no problem with where my  next  door neighbor has  his  trash can, why  should you ?


neighbors being  nice to neighbors make the neighborhood  nice,  not  rules  and  regulations  and  busy body  people 







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