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If anyone knows the person in charge of the Block Watch could you relay a message?  Or if that person frequents here then GREAT.

On putting out signs, it is GREAT that signs get put out, however I only see them the day of the meeting.  For people that have children and may have to get a sitter in order to go or for people who work nights and want to take that evening off to go or whatever the reasoning is, would it be possible to either post here or put the signs out 3-7 days ahead of time or something other than the morning of?

Personally, I would like to go, but when I see the sign at noon on the day of and I work mostly nights I would need to take less work that day and if my husband is working that night to get a sitter and there's just no way I can do either in 6 hours notice so then it ends up that I can never attend.  Would there be a way to make them the same date every month or the same day (ie third Wednesday every month), or put signs out earlier or post fliers up on the mailboxes or SOMETHING a little more in advance than finding out about the meeting that morning/afternoon?

Just a suggestion.  I know that prevents me from going and I can't imagine that I'm the only one, especially since many families do not work the traditional 9-5 work day nowadays.

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Just go to and ask Sandi to be added to the E-mail list.

Done.  Thanks so much!

Well, I take that back I got a mailer demon back from my e-mail sent to that address Frown

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