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The History of McDannald Estates

The Samuel McDannald family migrated from Virginia in the early 1800’s and acquired over 360 acres of land at the Sunbury and Dubln-Granville (Rte. 161) area in Franklin County, Ohio.  They built a home on Sunbury Road which became part of the Underground Railroad and helped slaves from the south reach slave-free territories in the north.

The McDannald’s had eight children: two sons, Calvin and Edward and six daughters. Samuel was drawn to and enjoyed the Arts.  The McDannald family farmed the land, raised horses and worked as drovers.  They had plenty of experience droving as their horses at times would get loose on the Sunbury/Rte. 161 acreage.  Samuel died in 1834 willing the property to his sons, which was Scottish custom.

John McDannald built the Underground Railroad house at Sunbury/Rte. 161 roads and was active in the railroad’s work.  His aunt willed the house and property to two of her slaves under the condition of Slave Rights.  Ohio law didn’t recognize the Slave Rights law and the property was handed down to John McDannald.  The Underground Railroad house was demolished in the early 1980’s when a manager was not available to complete the plans to make the house a national landmark.

Calvin McDannald built the home at 5720 Sunbury Road which was occupied by Roger McDannald’s widow, Bonnie McDannald. Calvin had three sons: Edward, George and Roger, who inherited equal parts of the land.  The part Roger inherited included what is now McDannald estates.  Roger and Bonnie built a home at 5725 Echo Road opposite the Callaway’s at 3930 Scotsfield Drive.  Bonnie loved the Arts, as Samuel did and was an arts connoisseur. She was a member of Blendon Meadows Civic Association and was active in its work before ill health slowed her down.  Bonnie died in 2009.

The McDannald Estates development started in the 1950’s and it was planned to be a brick ranch community.  Oliver and Fern Harris when purchasing their home at 5733 Sunbury Road, had to challenge acreage deed restrictions (Sec. 19.1) which stated, “said premises shall be owned or occupied by members of the Caucasian race only”.  The Robert Jackson family was the first to build a two-story house in the development at 3900 Scotsfield Drive.  First families to build in the community were (1960-1970): The Callaway’s* (Arthur & Helen), Timmons, Turners (Ted)*, Gaddis, Yarboroughs, Harris, Johnsons, Warrens, Ashfords, Rogers, Crawleys,  Williams’* (Freddie & Iona), Nappers, Crumps* (Thurman & Grace), Fields* (Alex & Gertrude), Butlers, Gibbs* (Jack, Sr. & Ruth Ann), Thomas’* (Otto & Eloise), Glascor’s, Ballentine’s, Pryor’s* (Ralph & Charlotte), Love’s* (Clarence & Lillie), Smith’s* ( William & Mary), Scott’s* (George & Loyce), Harris’ (Emerson* & Doris) and Weddington’s (Dr. Wilburn and Pat*).

Families of the new community realized the need to be organized in order to promote and enhance the quality of life in the community both socially and economically.  They established the Blendon Meadows Civic Association in the late 1960’s; officers from that time include:

Theodore H. Turner: President 1968

Ermerson Harris: President 1970

Lovell B. Tipton:  President 1971

Fern Harris:  President 1972

Loyce Scott:  President 1973

Al Simmons: President 1989

Andre Bradley: President 2007

Everett Archie: President 2009

Rhonda J. Williams Evans: President 2011

A big social event of the times was the annual 4th of July Block-Party celebration.  Each family was assigned to activities and what items to give such as food, money, etc.  The celebration started with devotionals, a parade with music and then the fun began with lots of games and plenty of food.

Real estate developers in the early 1980’s were interested in building on the acreage surrounding McDannald Estates, so under the administration of Ted Turner, President, the BMCA negotiated deed restrictions with the contractors.  This deed is registered with the State of Ohio and is good for 50 years.  It will protect and control what is developed on the surrounding acreage.

Today, McDannald Estates is comprised of over 40 developed acres, with new home investments near or exceeding $500,000.  The Lee Subdivision was developed on the last 7 acres, enhancing the areas’ modern marketability and they are active in BMCA.  We are a community of over 80 families, who love calling it home.


*Moved from the neighborhood or deceased


History by: Bonnie McDannald, Richard McDannald, Jayne Ballentine, Iva Turner, Rhonda Williams Evans, Robert Jackson and Ralph Pryor.


Tidbits about your new B.M.C.A. Officers as of January 2011



The Williams family have been members of B.M.C.A. and resided on McDannald Drive in McDannald Estates over 45 years. Rhonda (Williams) Evans grew up in the neighborhood and resides with her husband, Robert. She has actively worked on various committees including Membership, Special Interest, Legal, and McDannald Farms, to name a few. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her new position with B.M.C.A. Her credentials range from business to law to real estate to education/training with 4 degrees including: a B.A., J.D. , dual major M.B.A. , D.B.A. and an active real estate license. She is the former President of the Board of Franklin County Children Services, overseeing a $300 million budget, over 800 employees, 400 foster families, 700 volunteers, 100 partnering agencies and 100+ purchased services. It should also be noted that she is a former Executive Editor/Editor-in-Chief and General Manager of 3 publications. Rhonda owns and operates a consulting firm. Her goal is to educate the neighborhood on property values and related topics as well as maintaining open lines of communication among the various sections of the community.

Rhonda’s Contact Information:; 614-476-7063



VERNON ROGERS, Vice President

Vernon Rogers is a retired engineer. He and his wife, Allena, have resided on Scotsfield Drive in the same house that they built over 50 years ago. They raised their sons in McDannald Estates. Vernon has been active in the McDannald Estates community.  He has served on the Nominating, Special Interest and Membership Committees.

 Vernon’s Contact Information:; 614-475-2249



CHARLOTTE CARTER, Recording Secretary

Charlotte Carter has resided in McDannald Estates for 6 years. She has worked on the Membership Committee. Charlotte resides on Echo Court. As a former administrator with Columbus City Schools, Charlotte received numerous awards for her outstanding service in the school system as well as our community-at-large.

Charlotte’s Contact Information:; 614-471-5828



ORA WESTMORELAND, Corresponding Secretary

Ora Westmoreland has resided in McDannald Estates for 37 years with her husband, Cleve. She has worked on the B.M.C.A. Membership Committee and Special Interest Committee. Her experience through her work at The Ohio State University coupled with various positions held at her church make her an excellent match for this position. Ora lives on Echo Drive.

 Ora’s Contact Information: 614-476-0847




Rondell Champion has resided in McDannald Estates for 7 years with his wife, Darlene and 2 sons.  Rondell is a member of the Membership Committee and lives on Heather Road. Rondell is a youth basketball coach dedicated to helping children to build confidence and excel in sports.

Rondell’s Contact Information: 614-416-0602




Robert Evans is a CPA and CFO of a group of companies headquartered in Delaware, OH with 80+ entities operating in all 50 states and 9 foreign countries. In addition to his skills as a tax practitioner and financial reporting professional he is a well-known tactitioner, strategist, negotiator and deal closer. Bob has worked tirelessly in B.M.C.A. as Vice President and Chairperson of the Special Interest Committee. He has resided in McDannald Estates with his wife, Rhonda, for over 10 years. His selfless dedication earned him the full trust of the current Executive Board and a unanimous vote of confidence as the Trustee for Blendon Meadows Civic Association.

Bob’s Contact Information: ; 614-476-7063





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