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Innocent  Does this say ANYTHING ANYWHERE about controlling barking?  Hmm, am I missing something here? Grow up, would you?


You are missing many things as well as being as defensive. I suggest you read the ordinances. ie:Ord. 291-88-10-11, passed 10-11-88; Am Ord. 793-05-07-26, passed 7-26-05; Ord. 836-06-07-25, passed 7-25-06) Penalty, see § 10.99


WHICH SAYS among many other things you should understand: ... PUBLIC NUISANCE. Includes but is not limited to any animal that:

... (9)     Makes frequent or long continued noise which is disturbing to a person who has normal nervous sensibilities and ordinary tastes, habits, and modes of living.



hmm, is right! yes I agree it is up to the dog owner to raise and teach a dog, just like a child, boundaries

or dont have a dog!! i have resarched a lot since i last posted my comment. Most of the time people that allow thier dogs to bark and get defensive if anyone says anything to said dog owner, will, usually find out that there are personal problems with one or more of the neighbors already and I found that when I went round with my petition the neighbors had all but refused to sign out of fear of retaliation. also, many tests have been done over the last 10 years on just this issue of continuous loud unprdictable lengths of time in a close range of a dog barking, has caused infants in wombs to jump, also studies show that a pesons mental health is affected if they do not have a clear ans comfortable place to go home to, causinf high anxiety etc...

Unfortunetely I had to offending neighbors and I was right behind one put into a cag right in front of my living room window. Long story short, I called animal control and police. Animal control sent a letter, thats all they did, but the police department finaly sat otsid once barking started at midight and knocked onthe door

and tell the dog owner it was not legal to allow his dog to bark for more than 35 minutes at a time and especially not after 10PM, and the other offending dog owner that was making me a nervous wreck. I finally left a note,asking if her dog was okay, she asked why and i said our grandkids could not go out to play and then i asked if her grandaughter where to stand at the fence and scream for 6 hours, wouldnt she be concerned? I then informed her that for four years I could not go anypklace in my house to get away from the noise, I said she just needed to train her dog or maybe throw the ball or put somethings out to oocupy the dog.

do you know how ignorant that lady was? she stopped letting the dog outside at all, she has not let it out in over 6 months,

so you defensive people, I was raised with a family that breeds doberman pincshers, so it is ignorant to say I dont love dogs, and im a dumbass, but you assume too much.I not only love my BIG DOGS, I love them enough to have paid for dog obediance classes and did not lay my responsibility to training and being a responsible dog owner, for over 40 years my family has continually had dogs and pups in the yards, training begins right away, and consistancy is key. NEVER, once has the dogs gotten out, dog runs with fencing above and all around, that too is a part of dog ownership resposibility, for them to be in a safe environment and be locked in properly for your neighbors safety too. Good Luck thanks for reading

I  no longer have barking dogs, I sleep through the night now and my blood pressure is so much better. Stick up for your rights, you deserve peace and quiet it is the law. AND IF YOU CANT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your dogs barkin too much, dont get a dog


Hi, me again, just so you victims of inconsiderate nieghbors that refuse to be human, about "owners" of a home or "renters" of a home. It makes no difference, a neighbor is a nieghbor we should consider other peoples feelings and treat others as we want to be treated! But, each State has different laws, read up cause if your nieghbors dog is offensive and the owner does not care he can be sued and charged $ 10 per hours for up to 2 years in court. that is going to civil and in some states the offending party can be sued twice in one year in small claims at $7,500 a pop 2x in one year. Find out what your local laws are because this is one way to stop the madness!

Of course I would encourage everyone to try to talk calmly, but pay attention this person will show you thier mind frame right away, run dont walk at any sign of violence or threat, do not stay to argue, people have harmed or killed others over these very problems in recent past

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