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Don't give a hang whether or not God made dogs to bark.  It's your job to train them when it's appropriate, when it is not appropriate, and to listen to you when you tell them to stop barking.  I have to guess that you are the lazy kind of inconsiderate yeg that will let your dog bark and bark and bark... and bark.  there are ordinances against that.  Chances are you want to have a dog, but not the responsibility of being a considerate dog owner.  Someone walking down the street is not a justifiable reason to let your bark at will.  A possum in the back yard is not reason enough to let your dog bark at will.  Dogs that do bark at will disturb the peace and reveal just how lazy and ignorant the owner is.  Sure, dogs bark.  But you have to be considerate of your neighbors and discipline the dog properly as to when, where, and how it is acceptable.  Otherwise, get rid of it.

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There's a point that's not being brought up here.  Most often, these dog owners whose dogs bark all the time, are not allowing their dog(s) to bark like crazy when they are home.  The dog runs to the window, starts barking at someone walking by, and the owner hollers at them to quiet down.  Why?  Because the dog barking is also annoying to them.  So defending your dog when it's annoying other people when you're not around is hypocritical.  I understand that a lot of dog breeds are very territorial (espeically large breeds), but a good neighbor, with a dog, doesn't want to be THE neighbor that everyone hates.  When I was growing up in Michigan, there was one lady who had a doberman pincer that was outside 100% of the time in a yard enclosed by a chain link fence.  That dog barked at everything from squirrels to cars, to kids passing by on their way to school.  The thing even barked at airplanes.  It howled all night.  Kids had to stay back from the fence because if you ran your fingers along it, the dog would go bat crazy trying to bite through the fence.  Kids would walk on the other side of the road where there was no sidewalk, just to avoid the thing.  Years later, the dog died and no one gave her any sympathy.  She was devastated but all of the neighbors were thrilled.  Shortly afterward, she moved away.  When I hear large dogs barking, I always think back to that woman and her stupid doberman that could be heard all the way across town.   We only lived a block away.  That thing would start up and every dog in town would follow suit.

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