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Arms Around Amani Neighborhood Association, Inc.


Arms Around Amani has accomplished and established a thrust with sof the elderly residents who are homeowners,where thay can feel safe to come out to neighborhood meetings, and other neighborhood activities whereas before they were afarid to do so. AAANA has engaged the Youth in setting up their own Block Clubs and Block Watches in the neighborhood. AAANA programs in the community as resources to the residents of the commounity such as:
Employed W2 participantes, and collaborated with other agencies in helping their participants in finding employment.
Established Block Clubs that are now active.
Put on Neighborhood benefits.
Youth drill teams for girls and boys.
Continue to set up Block Clubs/Block Watches.
Forming youth choirs
Holding successful Neighborhood Meetings.
Collaborating with other Non-profit agencies.
Collaborating with the Non-profit Center.
Project Safe Neighborhood Program.
Collaborhorating with New Coventant Housing Corporation, Inc. in possibly getting some new and rehabed home built in the Amani.


Within the various programs that Arms Around Amani , we've built our programs with the whole family unit in mind. For we have found that in working with the resients that working with the child or children that we needed to have the parent or parents involved with the child or children to be effective. We've found that one with out the other was not and is a workable solution. We find that when the parents are involved that the whole family gains from their working together as a unit, then are and can be successful. These are the programs in which we offer:
Block Clubs/Block Watches
Youth Education
Youth Empowerment
Start To Finish Mentoring Program (STFMP)
Adult Women Support Group
Young Women Support Group
After-School Programs for ages 12-18
Youth Block Clubs/Block Watches
Tutoring year round-ages from 9-18
Educational Trips
College Tours
Neighborhood Plagues
Welcome to the Neighborhood Program
This year will be a new year with new things happeniing for AAANA, we will offer to students a Vel Phillips Scholarship in the of $2,500.00. We are excited about this with hopes that this will grow each year. AAANA gives residents of the Amani area certificates for things that they accomplish in the neighborhood that will promote a cleaner and better safe neighborhood. We hold block parties, bck to school parties and a host of other activities. We are always looking to requite new member ships.

Minor Home Repair Program 2005

Opportunities for property owner in the city of Milwaukee's CDBG target areas to complete minor home repairs on owner occupies residential properties can contact the participanting organizations that are close to you, the closes one for the Amani area is located at the YMCA-CDC 1350 West North Avenue, and the contact person is Rafael Garcia-374-9441 or you can contact Denise at Alderman Hines office at 286-2200.


About our association

Arms Around Amani Neighborhood Association, Inc. Overview

Arms Around Amani Neighborhood, Inc. (AAANA) is a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit Agency, Exemption Under Section 501 (c) (3)of the Internal Revenue Code. We became Tax Exempt on May 29,2003. AAANA refers to the rights of residents to be educated and empowered by youth education,building of Block Clubs, through Economic and Community Development.


Arms Around Amani Neighborhood Association, Inc. was established as a for-profit business and in 2003 was changed to a non-profit. This was to support and opreate Projects and Programs that would be of a better service to the community in which I lived.

The agency's goal is to promote a positive effect tochange within the Amani Neoghborhood. It wishes to provide decent affordable housing;reduction of blightness, crime reduction, improve the economy in the Amani Neighborhood;and meet the urgent needs of residents in the community;through basic education,resources that will fet the residents educated(trained),job retention,job placement for work experience toacquire employment, tutoring for all ages, assist with first time home ownerships which will give residents ownership within the neighborhood where they live and work. Today's AAANA endeavors is to accomplish this through collaborative,coordinated City, County nad Community services that will directly address these Quality of Life Issues.

In the heart of this distinctive area is the Arms Around Amani Neighborhood Association, Inc.,whish promotes a host of advocacies,civic improvement, business stimulation, and other cooperative ventures to benefit the people within its boundaries. This includes individuals, families, area businesses, besides economic stimulations, the Association publishes a monthly news ketter for residents and focuses on such issues as housing preservation, education,beautification of both business and residential areas,mass transit issues, and neighborhood safety. Its aggressive and effective leadership will carry many awards for a high profile.


Projects are funded through Arms Around Amani put on fundraisers,and the Presidents personal funds. we have recieved a small grant from the Holy Redeemer Compassionate Grant Fund, donation from Capitol Stamping Corporation, The Non-Profit Center, Lena's Foods, other fundraisers on a small scale. We have recieved donations of in-kind services from other sources such as the Liberty and Truth Ministries, Community Village Social Services,Bethesda Senior Citizen Center,Helen Bader Foundation,etc.

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