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7 things repubs were for before they were against

Posted in: Muscatine

Sorry, mallory...but you have long lost site of what you post. I have never entered any conversation about to prove what you assert? Davie loses when he tries this!!!!!   I think that was GTA1 or Hiroad, but it definitely was not me....

Davieboy has lost all faith....all honor, with his libelous statements about me that he says are documented proof that I am a liar....."a documented liar"....if you will.  Those that asked for proof to be posted are still waiting for that "documentation" to be provided by him...but all are still waiting for that proof!


"According to a certain good book there is no one lie bigger or worse than the other. Maybe that's a sin..."



Uh, oh! We are all in deep trouble...davie is interpreting the bible for us all again....So now he's a theologian? How does he get that Reverend hat to fit that big head?

hey, davie...what does your "certain good book" say about hating people? Is that maybe a sin?





...too bad the truth is so hard for davieboy to speak and write...


I knew that would get your attention, but I honestly feel I may have you confused with one the other Bigbrothers on the world wide web. However maybe you shouldn't be the one to talk about honesty. You're the only documented liar here.


An admission that davie does not know who posts what around here because he is sooo busy with the WWW. But yet, a blatent last sentence that remains unproven to those others that have asked? I wonder how far his confusion reaches since he cannot provide any documentation of his accusation?

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