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''The Homeless Christmas Tree''

Right here in White Lake Hills, we have an author who has written a book. Her name is Leslie Gordon. Her book is
''The Homeless Christmas Tree''
Appearing as a silent sentry overlooking downtown Fort Worth, ''The Homeless Christmas Tree'' is a sign known to thousands who travel I-30 in East Fort Worth. This is the subject of this book and we see it daily as we travel on I-30.

Leslie Gordon Speaks

''Ive heard that the tree should not have lived up here under these condition. But it's been doing just fine and it started out as a tiny little shrub. Lots of people are involved with decorating this tree, but the original person was a woman who at one time had been homeless. Her name was Carla Christian. She realized how hard it was for families, especially those with children, who had no home, no Christmas tree and no way to celebrate Christmas with her families.''

So Carla began decorating the tree at Christmas. She continued for a number of years, but in 2000 the tree went undecorated. Carla was too ill to decorate. So a fireman, Joe Kavanaugh came to the rescue and helped Carla up the hill. Everyone thought that this was the end of this activity.

The Tradition Continues

After Carla started the Christmas tradition many persons have taken upon themselves to do Valentine's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, The Fourth of July and one family erects a cross to remember their daughter. Even 911 was also remembered, this year.

Now the tradition continues with Leslie's new book.
Good Luck Leslie. We are proud that someone in White Lake Hills took the time to tell a wonderful story.


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